Cape Town Torpedo SwimRun is Successful in 2020

Sporting venues in South Africa have faced limitations since March 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic enforcing numerous changes to standard operations. The Premier Soccer League & Cricket South Africa terminated multiple events, avoiding outbreaks until nations could better assess defensives against Covid-19. Normalcy is returning in South Africa, with various sporting venues entering operations before January 2021. The latest tournament held was the Torpedo SwimRun at Waterfront Park. Tournament events are held on December 11th to 12th. Finalists that dominate this 1000m-long circuit will enter the competitions next stage, which is held at Battery Park, V&A Waterfront.

The Torpedo SwimRun requires the highest-skilled triathletes worldwide, as the stamina required is immense & will physically drain the strongest of competitors. That’s because the course layouts are split between several circuits, which include four swimming channels & four running pathways. The overall course is sustained alongside canals, trails, and the ocean in Cape Town. Competitors began with Qualifying, which extended towards Quarterfinals & the Semifinals. The final venue is being sustained at Battery Park, V&A Waterfront.

Individuals aren’t commonly aware of what SwimRun sustains, with the sporting venue relatively new compared to other events & institutions. Athletes comprise their talents into a smaller timeframe, competing exclusive in their running shoes & swimming with the same gear. It makes Cape Town’s Torpedo SwimRun a challenging hurdle to overcome, even for the strongest of competitors. Subsequently, thousands worldwide travel to defeat Cape Town’s greatest challenge. Most are beaten during Qualifying.

The 2020 & 2021 Campaign

Sporting fanatics interested in witnessing the remainder of Torpedo SwimRun’s season can catch the next venue on January 31st, 2020. The V&A Waterfront on the Atlantic Seaboard will host finalists from Cape Town’s Torpedo SwimRun. It should be mentioned that popularity for the SwimRun has grown exponentially, with the sporting venue first introduced in January 2017. Seeing international triathletes travel from their countries to South Africa for a three-year-old event is evidence of the Torpedo SwimRun being an exceptional triathlon.

Corporate leaders governing over the “South Africa Torpedo SwimRun Series” have promised that venues will continue per usual in 2021, with vaccination not required from participants. Social distancing is extensive throughout the TSR Series.