Currie Cup Fixture Airing Earlier in South Africa

The South African Rugby Association announced they’ve altered when the Currie Cup is being hosted. Postponements aren’t being issued, with hourly changes being evoked. That means tournament matches will continue on January 2nd to 3rd. Timing alterations apply to the kick-off time, which was initially sustained for eight in the evening. Lockdown measures being enforced by the South African Government aren’t allowing for SARA to host the Currie Cup at 8:00pm on January 2nd.

The event will begin almost two hours earlier at 6:30, allowing athletic personnel to leave Toyota Stadium before lockdown curfew protocols go into affect. All residents in South Africa must be located indoors by 9:00pm until January 28th. It follows after politicians were forced into placing lockdown protocols at Level Three. South Africa is battling Covid Variant VUI-2020/21, which is 70% more transmissible than Covid-19.

It’d been questioned for twenty-four hours if athletic personalities employed in professional leagues would become exempted from curfew protocols. Announcements were made by “South Africa’s Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture” that professional venues can move forward under the conditions that nationwide curfews are respect. The South African Rugby Association was forced into altering the start & end times of 2020s Currie Cup after that information became public. Broadcasters showing the SARA Currie Cup confirmed that matches on January 2nd are beginning at 6:30. Broadcasters hosting upcoming matches between the Cheetahs, Sharks, Griquas, Pumas, and Lions include:

  • SuperSport Live.
  • Rugby Channel 201 & 211.
  • SuperSport Action Channel.

Details regarding the scheduling for an upcoming match between the Lions & Bulls at Loftus-Verse Field wasn’t issued. Neither were scheduling details for another matchup between the Sharks & an unknown opponent. The Bulls are competing first on January 6th, with January 9th following suit for the Sharks. Initial schedules list start-times at 7:00pm. It’ll likely be scheduled for an earlier kick-off time of 6:00pm.