DSAC Relief Aid Processing Commences

The Department for Sports, Arts and Culture in South Africa announced this month that a relief fund would be provided to athletes. It’d account for R150 Million, allowing for professional athletes and artistic communities to maintain their livelihood. Nobody has anticipated this relief aid, with South Africa often leaving their civilians to fend for themselves. COVID-19 has prompted the shift of behaviour for government-entities like DSAC. Assisting their artistic communities and associated athletes have become their most significant priority. It was proven after DSAC requested that these individuals apply for the relief aid by April 6th. Finances provided to athletes and artists are meant to pay for necessities like groceries, electricity, and water.

Sports Applications Status

Submitted applications surprised the artists & sporting department, receiving thousands of applications. Three hundred of this application was uniquely associated with sporting ministers, panellists, adjudicators, and organizers. These individuals also require financial relief throughout this unprecedented period. The Department of Sports, Arts & Culture was surprised that 90% of the applications were submitted within 48 hours of the announcement.

It shows how much these funds were required for these specific communities. DSAC disappointedly announced that 11.4% of the applications experienced technical errors, prompting them to be electronically returned. Individuals affected will encounter minor delays with receiving their financial relief, with funds expected to be distributed by April 25th at the latest.

The Department revealed that six thousand applications were submitted, with an influx of these inquiries not on the relief aid. This prompted leaders with DSAC to criticize parties responsible for these actions, stating that the funds aren’t meant for their egotistical ideologies. These inquiries pertained to Non-Related Projects, requests that DSAC invest into a potential business. It should be noted that falsified inquiries applied to 1000 of the 6000 applications submitted. The remaining 5000 are being processed by an adjudicator panel, with funds already being distributed to the 1st round of applicants. The latest funds will be provided will be April 25th, with the influx of speed capable thanks to advanced technological processes known as MPPs.

It should be noted that various sporting organizations like the South African Cricket Board, have implemented specialized relief aids for their athletes. Those individuals were permitted the opportunity to receive specialized relief from both DSAC and the SACB.