Jamie Roberts returns to the United Kingdom

Rugby athletes globally have been returning home following the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has now extended towards Jamie Roberts, who has been located in South Africa for a prolonged period. He’d initially been expected to remain self-isolated in Cape Town but after new travel restrictions were implemented, the 33 Years of Age Rugby Star returned home.

He flew from South Africa to England several hours before SA would enter their lockdown. These unprecedented times are forcing millions worldwide to alter their daily plans, with Jamie Roberts now unable to compete for Super Rugby’s “Stormers”. Ten games were completed throughout his contract with the Stormers before Super Rugby postponed their season. South Africa is now in an official lockdown period until April 15th.

Providing Accommodations for NHS Staff

Jamie Roberts celebrity across the United Kingdom grew exponentially throughout the last two weeks. He began offering his “Flat” in Cardiff to medical works with the National Health Service. This property is typically rented for weekly visits at $2,500.00. Providing free boarding to NHS Volunteers, Doctors or Nurses comes as a significant loss for the athlete. When questioned on why he’s donating the Flat until the Covid-19 pandemic is over, Jamie Roberts expressed that it’s better to be used by our heroes than some random individual.

Reporters requested if anybody was currently staying in the Cardiff Flat, where Jamie Roberts mentioned that an Emergency Doctor started staying there on Friday. Upwards of six individuals can live in this Cardiff Flat, with Roberts wanting to switch-out the workers every two weeks. It should be mentioned that this Rugby Star was previously trained as a professional doctor, having 3+ years of experience in the medical field. It’s not surprising that he’d support his previous community.

The Stormers

It hasn’t been confirmed if Jamie Roberts will return with the South African Stormers. There’s the chance that postponed seasons with both the British Rugby League and Super Rugby will force his respective contracts to be altered. The British & Irish Lions have priority control over Roberts future, meaning that SA would lose out on this formidable talent. It’ll be one of the countless fallouts associated with Covid-19.