Kaizer Chiefs Request Supporters Practice Social Distancing

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic is forcing sporting associations, medical experts and large-scale corporations to warn their respective supporters to practice social distancing measures. The latest sporting association to request emergency measures were the Kaizer Chiefs with the South African Premier League. This request followed after the number of confirmed cases rose above two hundred. Fifty-one of these cases were established in 24 hours. It should be mentioned that Kaizer Chiefs stand as number one in the league’s standings, with the postponement of the season and training potentially affecting their outcome. The more that supporters practice social distancing, the faster that the South African Premier League can re-start.

Representatives with the Kaizer Chiefs provided a public statement through their website. They encouraged that social distancing is implemented, with their respective mass gatherings being limited to 100 supporters. It was also noted that stringent measures to ensure the limited exposure of Covid-19 must be performed by all sporting organizations holding small-scale venues. Kaizer Chiefs finished their remarks by expressing that the wellbeing of supporters is the most important thing moving forward. They urged citizens to trust the government guidelines and implement hygiene protocols for the safety of their overall community.


March 19th marked the date that South Africa Premier League officials confirmed the league would be taking a delay. Fears surrounding the Covid-19 has forced the immediate closure of football across South Africa for an unspecified period. Whenever the league is re-instated, the Kaizer Chiefs will stand four-points ahead of their competitors. It’ll provide them with a severe advantage and potentially enable them to win the championship. Officials confirmed that the close-out of 2020s season would commence before August.

The South African Premier League officially stated that the safety of local communities is more important that maintaining the 2020 season. Decisions were made after discussions were held between the Board of Governors and the PSL Executive Committee. It should be noted that this decision was supported by the National Government, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Health and the South African Police Service. We also stand by this decision and recommend our readers implement social distancing measures.