Khaya Zondo Replaces Omphile Ramela

The South African Cricketers Association has announced their replacement for Omphile Ramela, Ex-President. Omphile was promoted from his position after displayed exemplary work throughout his tenure, prompting revisement of SACA. It’s been confirmed that Khaya Zondo is becoming SACA President, with cricketing supporters knowing his namesake from previously batting with the Dolphins & Proteas.

Khaya Zondo is aged thirty, providing ample time for the youngest President in SACA History. He was elected to office after voting was held internally & publicly, with Khaya winning both elections. December 4th marked the official date that Zondo became president on an internal level, with public elections more a formality. Details on when Khaya Zondo is helming this role hasn’t been detailed.

SACA is the equivalent of the Players Union for South Africa’s Cricket organization. Approval of Khaya Zondo as President couldn’t be had until an executive committee meeting was held, which contained representatives from domestic teams in South Africa. An overwhelming percentage agreed to Zondo becoming president. Unsurprisingly, when considering that Khaya is related to Raymond Zondo, the Deputy Chief of Justice for SACA.

It’s guaranteed that Khaya Zondo is sustaining the position of SACA President until 2022, where another election will be maintained. That’s average for South Africa Cricket to hold an election every two years. Zondo becomes President after Omphile Ramela became a member of the CSA Interim Board, which holds higher governing power over SACA.

The Plans

Khaya Zondo has experience on the corporate level of cricket, with his SACA Career beginning in 2017. Since learning that he’ll become President of the South Africa Cricket Association, visionary strategies have been suggested by Zondo. He promises that domestic restricting & transformation of SACA is coming to guarantee financial security for South Africa Cricket. Khaya Zondo promises to confront all challenges associated to Covid & it’s likely continued financial fallout. Player’s were also guaranteed monetary relief under Zondo’s leadership.