Lancashire Cricket CEO on Reopening

The Chief Executive Officer of the Lancashire Cricket Club has expressed there’ll be a multitude of challenges awaiting them when international venues resume. Daniel Gidley remarked that unprecedented conditions are often stated towards sporting clubs. He noted that nobody genuinely understands the level on which this applies, with cricket clubs and other sporting associations entering uncharted waters. What happens next nobody can predict, with Cricket clubs in South Africa and England possibly thriving after these events or failing. Regardless of what clubs want to do moving forward, they’ll have to wait until government lockdown conditions are lifted.

That will permit players to compete without the attendance of supporters, which won’t be enabled until social distancing measures are lifted. Prolonged timeframes without merchandise being sold and advertisers refusing to abide by contracts are prompting delays. This’ll be another side effect of the uncharted waters cricket clubs face, as minimal profit valuations could see this club’s shut down their operations effective immediately. It should be noted that these Cricket outfits only have to wait until July 1st for international matches to resume.

Daniel Gidley spoke with BBC Sports over video conference with Zoom. He mentioned that testing of all athletes competing in South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, or any other nation is required. These individuals must be tested before and after entering their respective matches. Outbreak measures are being enforced after the death percentages related to COVID-19 remain high. That’s why Daniel Gidley stated that he’d work with the United Kingdom Government and international commissions like the South Africa Cricket Association. This will ensure that each match-up on a national or international level sees athletes protected on multiple levels.

The Conditions

It appears the main priority for Daniel Gidley is the protection of his athletes, who continuously engage with international teams like India or South Africa. Their 1st cricket series after July 1st is located in South Africa, prompting the Lancashire CEO to work towards the safety of both sides. Full details on their Quarantine Plan hasn’t been unveiled, but it’s known that athletes won’t be permitted to shake hands with their opposing competition and won’t be enabled to use locker room facilities after matches.