Benzema Deals With Serious Allegations

Madrid demonstrator Karim Benzema might be encountering a criminal offence after France’s highest court system on Monday disregarded his pleas against the validity of a blackmail examination over a sex tape including fellow footballer Mathieu Valbuena. The court discovered that the investigatory techniques utilized in the event, in which Benzema is affirmed to have actually conspired in blackmailing Valbuena, were legal. Benzema, as well as Valbuena, were both in the French nationwide group at the time of the tried blackmail.

In June 2015, Valbuena, who is currently signed with the Greek club Olympiakos, submitted the issue. Here it was declared that he was the sufferer of a tried blackmail after getting a phone call notifying him of the presence of a sex tape in which he showed up. Detectives presume 31-year-old Benzema of working as an intermediary in between the assumed criminals – consisting of among his youth close friends – as well as Valbuena.

Tried Blackmail

Benzema, arraigned for engineering in tried blackmail, tested the examination techniques of a law enforcement officer that interfered covert. His lawful group asserted the authorities utilized unethical techniques by impersonating a close friend of Valbuena in a telephone discussion with among the charged. The court, nevertheless, ruled on Monday that there had been no “violation of justness,” abrogating a viewpoint made in 2017.

There is no more allure allowed, which suggests the data will undoubtedly go back to the workplace of the examining court in Versailles. This will undoubtedly select whether it will be correct to implement the test. Valbuena’s attorney Frederic Thiriez invited the choice, stating it was a success with more comprehensive ramifications.

Considering that the event damaged four years ago, neither player has been picked once again for the French nationwide group. Both lost out on Euro Cup in 2016 when Didier Deschamps’ group got to the last on residence dirt, as well as the 2018 Globe Mug, which they won in Russia. This period has actually confirmed to be among the very best in Benzema’s occupation with 15 objectives as well as 7 helps in 19 video games throughout all competitors for Madrid.

Ben Stokes Missing South Africa Test Series

Ben Stokes, the All-Rounder for England’s International Cricket Team, is slated to miss the opening events for the test series with South Africa. This is because of former obligations the star has at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award Show. It’s not surprising that Stokes is receiving this award, with him being the overwhelming favourite player during the 2019 Season. He has had a remarkable several months and is one of six individuals slated to win the award. Most suspect that Ben Stokes will be victorious on December 15th when the award show begins.

There was a chance that Ben couldn’t go to the award show, which would’ve most likely meant another competitor winning the trophy. Luckily, the England International Cricket Team provided him with the permission for a leave of absence. It should be noted that Ben Stokes will only miss the first day in the South African Test Series, with him anticipated to take to the field on December 18th. He will spend the 15th to 17th in Aberdeen, catering to the ceremony and other obligations that the team has in the region. This two-day practice match will show both formidable teams where they stand after South Africa’s cricket championship win. Fans can see Ben Stokes oppose the Springbucks at Willow Moore Park.

The History of Ben Stokes

This young all-rounder hasn’t even reached his fifth professional year with the England International Cricket Team. However, he has proven himself a worthy opponent and became part of cricketing history throughout the summer. His impressive performances at Ashes and the World Cup Final indicated that Ben Stokes is a future superstar for the international league. The most notable event he played in the summer was against New Zealand, where he became infamous for his unexpected swing of the bat. There hasn’t been a batter for England like Ben Stokes in nearly two decades, showing that his value for the international team is undeniable. Receiving this award would cement the Hall of Fame-esc career of Ben Stokes.

Other notable matches from Ben Stokes 2018/2019 Season includes a battle against Australia, only weeks after he came off the significant win with New Zealand. With the assistance of Ben Stokes, England defeated Australia at a 135. Considering that the England International Cricket Team has suffered for some time, this change of pace is highly welcomed.

Siya Kolisi Named Springboks Best Player

South Africa’s National Rugby Team, the Springboks, have in the headlines non-stop since they won their world cup championship title. Another headline swept over the African Continent when it was announced that Siya Kolisi, the Springboks Captain, become the Most Popular Rugby Player in the league. This announcement was made after the Human Science Research Council admitted a four-day analysis over the 2019 Rugby World Cup’s top players. It’s estimated that more than several thousand individuals were surveyed over who their favourite player of the championship was, with the overwhelming majority selecting Siya Kolisi. He received 49% of the vote, which is 29% higher than any of the other top players mentioned in the survey.

The other top players that were listed on the HSRC Survey was Cheslin Kolbe, Makazole Mapimpi and Tendai Mtawarira. These players only received 8% to 14% of the votes made by several thousand South Africans. The survey also asked how South Africans felt about the championship, with 65% saying they were happy with the results and the remaining 35% determining they are proud with the Springboks Championship Results. However, viewership for the Rugby World Championship this year was down in South Africa. It’s estimated that roughly 40% of South Africans watched the events transpire on live television.

The Championship Parade

Earlier this month, history was made in South Africa when the Springboks defeated England’s national rugby team. South Africa’s National Team came out on top with 32 points, as compared to England’s 12 points. This is the first time the team has won a championship in twelve years, with the team immediately having a national tour in cities like Johannesburg. This extended to Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Soweto and Pretoria.

Thousands of individuals from South Africa joined the parade route to see their favourite stars lift the Web Ellis Trophy high above the crowds. Schools and businesses shut down for their respective dates, allowing for children and parents to participate in the festivities. The popularity of their championship win was so evident that Archbishop Desmond Tutu held a ceremony in their honour, noting that this moment shouldn’t be taken lightly by South Africa. He mentioned that the country could not bask in their national teams’ glory, but instead use their momentum for real insight towards building a more powerful nation. The Parade ended on November 13th with fireworks, drinks and dancing in the streets.

Springboks Victory Tour Ends

The South African National Rugby Team, more commonly known as the Springboks, have finished their week-long victory parade across the nation. This victory parade comes after the national team won the 2019 Rugby World Cup Championship, which was awarded to the team when they beat England at 32 to 12. Their weeklong victory parade had the team stop at six cities across South Africa with the Webb Ellis Trophy. These locations include the Elsies River Suburbs and Mother City Centre. However, the tour started in Cape Town, where the most significant number of their fans live. Additional locations include Belhar, Langa and Symphony Way. All parade route locations had fans screaming cheers and throwing gifts to the victorious Springboks. The largest venue was at Symphony Way, where more than five thousand individuals gathered to watch the champions’ party in their city.

The Elsies River Suburbs was the only new location for a victory tour. Children were begging parents to leave school to see their Rugby Idols. The popularity of the Springboks Victory Parade forced a few schools in the region shutting down or altering school times to account for the parade. One student, Chantal Pearson, said that going to school at six in the morning was worth seeing the Springbok Champions.

Other residents from the victory tour stops spoke with local news reporters, noting how proud they are of their team. This is the first time that the South African National Rugby Team has won a championship since 2007. Since their last tournament, the team has faced considerably bad odds. They were ranked the best team from 2007 to 2009, then again in 2019. However, they’ve had significant losses during the Quarter or Semi-Finals. Another big reason why South African Residents praised the Springboks is that it’s the first time a Black South African held the Web Ellis Cup.

Footage from the event shows fathers running with their daughters or holding them on their shoulders, even for the short five minutes where the team stopped and passed on the parade route. The Springboks Victory Tour was so extensive that Archbishop Desmond Tutu appeared at City Hall to meet the team at the end of their parade. During his short time with the team, he publicly noted that South Africa shouldn’t only bask in their glory but also use their positive momentum to grow the countries commitment to equal rights. For is the Springboks can win, South Africa can win their fight against democracy. Regardless of the political statements made during the tour, fans of the South African National Rugby Team continued to show their support.

The History of the Haka

Even though the All Blacks didn’t enter the Rugby World Cup 2019 as the number one team in the world, they remained to many favourites. From those watching from the comfort of their couches to those wagering large amounts at the bookmakers. Then the unthinkable happened. The All Blacks were defeated by the English Roses and countless fans of the men in black grasped for air all over the globe. The rose slew the dragon in black. An ominous defeat already looming by England’s team when not at all appearing to be intimidated by the Haka.

The clash started as always with the All Blacks delivering the Haka, but this time around the English team didn’t portray any sense of feeling intimidated. They instead took a stance of their own, by forming the unusual V-shaped formation in Yokohama stadium. This simple act already set the tone for the English victory, which would be concluded 80 minutes later. When some of the English players stepped over the line and had to be moved back to where they belong, the act wasn’t one of ignorance nor accident, but a well-thought-through display of rivalry and dominance.

For a few moments, the theatrics served as an opening scene to numerous nail-biting moments to follow. Even though the All Blacks stick to their statement that the unprecedented action from the Roses which came unexpected and might have caused them to be dethroned, is not the case. One can only wonder what the psychological impact on a team, whose war-cry is received with smirking ignorance, can be.

The Haka & New Zealand Culture

The Haka is often misunderstood. It is much more than a war-cry or the display of power. It is more a display of respect, usually performed at various formal occasions in personal life too. These would include funerals and weddings. The Haka is a core of the New Zealand identity. Schools and towns all over the country are often portraying their unique versions of it. It is considered to be an embodiment and a reflection of their environment, their surroundings and the people and history which is integral in it all. It states that one isn’t alone, but part of a much larger group, a stronger force, a team of champions. It is used to connect the members to form one unit of power before any brutal encounter.

That is precisely the way the world became familiar with it. A dynamic display, calling every member into unity before the brutal encounter ahead of the team, lasting an entire 80 minutes. Although they deny it entirely, one can merely wonder whether the English team disturbed their call to unity, disturbed the unison and as a result disturbed the brutal force with which the All Blacks became known on the field. The Haka has been part of the All Blacks pre-game performance dating as far back as 1888; now they need to search inherently and find that unison once again.

Rassie Erasmus

Johan Erasmus is his real name, but in South Africa and the rest of the world, he will always be known as Rassie, the man behind the transformation in the South African Springbok team. Over the past two years, the Springboks have gone through a process of change, a process where they are now freed from the mental shackles in the game. Their current performance thus far in the RWC is a true testimony of the results of when a team with talent and a coach with excellent skills come together, and greatness is born once again.

Early Life

The 47-year-old Erasmus is a child from Despatch in the Eastern Cape. He entered into elite rugby playing for the Free State during the 1994 Currie Cup. For the next couple of years, he kept on developing in his position as loose forward playing for his province. During 1997 he played in the Free State’s debut season in the Super 12 Season and later that same year he received his green and gold jersey, representing South Africa in the tour of the British Lions to South Africa.

Leadership Positions

During 2004 Erasmus returned to the Free State Cheetahs, but this time around as their coach, preparing the team for the Vodacom Cup. Here his skills as coach showed early on as his team made it to the semi-finals, only being defeated by the Blue Bulls. During the next year, the Cheetahs made it all the way, winning the Currie Cup for the first time in nearly 30 years. During 2007 he had a short stint at the Springbok team as a technical advisor before the World Cup and then moved to the Western Cape as director of rugby. He prepared the Stormers for the Super 14 Season in 2008 as their head coach, taking them from 10th to 5th position in the ranks.

In 2016 Erasmus left South Africa to fulfil the position of Director of Rugby in Ireland at Munster for a period of three-years. After the death of their head coach, Erasmus took on the job as both coach and director for the remainder of that season. His success in Ireland won him the award of Pro12 Coach of the season in 2016-17. December of that year, Erasmus returned home and became the first time Director of Rugby for SARU. After the head coach of the Springboks, Alistair Coetzee was fired early in 2018, Erasmus took over as head coach to prepare the Springboks for the World Cup.

Springbok Success

The Springboks are once again back in international rugby as a force to reckon with. Some of the great attributes which the team appreciates about him are his open and honest way of management, earning their trust and the in-depth knowledge which he has of every player on the side. Rassie is making South Africa proud. Although he made it clear that he will only be coaching the team until after the tournament, rugby fans in South Africa are enjoying the moment for as long as that it lasts.

Eben Etzebeth Possibly a Victim of SAHRC Witch Hunt

In addition to the stress of representing your country in a foreign country with the hopes of millions of fans resting on your shoulders to bring back the coveted Williams Webb trophy, Eben Etzebeth also had to deal with so much more. While being away in Japan, it seemed in the local media as if the SAHRC had no reservations with gambling with the rugby hero’s career. Instead of giving every member of our national team the support which they deserve, threats are being made against him to have him send back from Japan to defend himself once again for the same allegations which he has denied already. During a time which is known to increase national unity, the SAHRC is giving this glorious moment a bitter taste.

The Incident

According to the complainants who have now earned themselves the name of the Langebaan four, they were walking home after a night out when they passed a local hangout in Langebaan the moment when Etzebeth and his friends were departing. They stated that Etzebeth and his friends made some racial comments before getting into their cars. The group then threw a brick at Etzebeth’s white Mustang. After which the group stopped and got out of their vehicles again. They then claim that they saw Etzebeth had a firearm and fled the scene. After they have fled, according to them, the Etzebeth party assaulted another man as well as a third party who came to intervene.

Their Demands

The group demands an apology from Etzebeth as well as that he must undergo anger management training and also racial sensitivity training and low and behold, R1 million. Etzebeth has numerously stated that this is not what happened that evening and that many eyewitnesses can testify towards his version of the events. He also had a meeting with the SAHRC before leaving for Japan, and he was assured by them during the meeting that there will be cooperation from both parties involved to resolve the matter. Since his departure, however, none of these commitments realized and he was much rather made into the villain by the SAHRC in the media without a court case.

Etzebeth Breaking the Silence

This week the rugby superstar has broken the silence and filed papers at the High Court in Pretoria to stop the SAHRC to proceed with the case. He stated that he believes that the SAHRC is behaving completely unprofessional and are acting in a way trying to hide an agenda. He furthermore said that they are folding under political pressure and that they aren’t brave enough to come to a fair conclusion because they might fear that would be unpopular. Yet a large community of all races in South Africa has thrown their weight behind the Bok and is backing him in the process. According to the chairperson of the SAHRC, Bongani Majola, they are still processing the court papers and will comment later on.

Blitzbok Philip Snyman Retiring

This week it was made public that the captain of the Springbok Sevens team needs to retire from international rugby due to a back injury. The veteran had a long and successful career playing for the Blitzbokke, and it is miserable that he has to retire at only 32-years-old due to the injury.

Snyman’s career came to an end at a time in his career where he is ranked as the most successful captain which the Sevens team from South Africa ever had. He is the man who helped them achieve greater heights and made them a valuable candidate to many sports betters. He debuted for the Blitzboks in Dubai during the season of 2008-09. When they won their first World Series, Snyman was part of the squad who made this history in South African sevens rugby.

This was one of three times when we were also running out onto the field for his country during the Sevens Rugby World Cups. The other two being Moscow in 2013 and San Francisco in 2018. This earned him the record of being the only Blitzbok playing in three World Cups. During the 2016 Olympic Games, Snyman was also part of the team that managed a bronze medal. During his long career, the veteran played 276 matches for South Africa during 63 tournaments. He managed 69 tries and 14 conversions. Combined with a penalty, he brought in a total of 376 points for the team. During 28 matches stretching between 2016 and 2019, he captained the team as well. It was indeed also under his leadership that the team managed a back-to-back World Sevens Series title. That was between 2017 and 2018.

The Void

Neil Powell, coach to the Springboks Sevens team, stated that the untimely departure of Snyman is leaving a significant gap that needs to be filled within the organization. Due to his tremendous legacy, the void will not be easy to overcome and replacing him would be a difficult task. Powell wasn’t only a coach to Snyman, but also a former teammate. He expressed only admiration and appreciation for the way that Snyman always presented himself on and off the field. The contribution which he made was tremendous, and he always pushed to enhance the team culture, Powell stated.

Snyman stated that in such a physical sport like rugby it is not uncommon that injuries cut careers short and even though he is saddened by the fact that he is forced into retirement at such a peak of his career, he remains grateful that he could play for more than a decade. Snyman also mentioned that every single part of his career helped to shape him into who he is today. He also made special mention of three coaches who played influential roles in his life. Pine Pienaar, Paul True and Niel Powell all contributed significantly to his career. He also thanked his loyal supporters and stated that in the end, it is for them that they play.

RWC Quarter Finals

With the Rugby World Cup Tournament roughly half-way through the pool games, the All Black are stating their uncertainty about which team will be their opponents in the quarterfinals on the 19th October. This isn’t only a pickle for the New Zealand national team, but also for sports betters who have a keen interest in the results and odds.

Thus far in their pool games, New Zealand has managed to defeat South Africa 23-13 and Canada 63-0. They still have to compete against Namibia and Italy. Neither of these two teams being of any concern for the All Blacks. Being fast on their way to the top of their pool, they are now keen to determine which side they will compete against during the quarterfinals, but after an upset in pool A, it is becoming harder to make any forecasts on what the final results will be. The winner of Pool B will be facing the runner-up from Pool A.

The Pools

In Pool A Japan, Russia, Samoa, Scotland and Ireland are competing against each other, and it took a dramatic turn when the hosting country, Japan defeated Ireland. This is leaving a somewhat murky image regarding which team will meet up with the All Blacks. Also, Samoa shot to the position has been drastically diminished when the Scottish team hammered them during their match in Kobe, which ended in a 34-0 score defeating the South Sea team. Currently, the standings in Pool A according to points are as following: Japan with nine points, Ireland is at six, Scotland has five and so does Samoa while Russia is still at zero.

The predictability in the Rugby World Cup pools is rooted in the fact that there is a gap between the tier one nations and tier two nations in every pool. Pool A didn’t have that gap and is currently delivering on the most considerable excitement within the history of the tournament. Now New Zealand is in a position here their opponents in the quarterfinals will most probably remain a mystery until the final pool games have been played. This will be when Scotland and Japan take each other on in Yokohama on 13th October.

After the brilliant performance which Japan gave defeating the Irish in a 19-12 score, reminded the rugby world once again about the same kind of victory which the Brave Blossoms had over the Springboks in 2015. Yet this time their win over Ireland placed them in the position where they only need one more win to enter the quarterfinals for the first time. For this to happen, they will have to overcome the force from Samoa. Pool A is genuinely delivering on quite some challenging prediction and is not only creating tons of uncertainty for the mighty All Blacks but also sports punters globally.

RWC’s Surprising Players

Japan is abuzz with Rugby World World Cup fever. The tournament is serving as a brilliant platform for both fresh talents as well as those more experienced to show off what they are capable of. The rivalry is alive, and fans have one eye on the game and the other one the unpredictable odds. 48 Matches are being played in just over 40 days, leaving a multitude of sports betting opportunities on the table. Picking the teams in the finals is currently an attractive market with England vs New Zealand standing on 15/2 and South Africa vs New Zealand at 11/4. Within all of this excitement, we do need to take note of some individual performances and accolades.

The Players

Jonathan Sexton – Sexton is a brilliantly talented player with global recognition for his mental strength. Consistency in play is his trademark on the field. No wonder then that during 2018 he was named the World Player of the year. Therefore many consider him to be the critical player within the Irish World Cup Campaign.

Beauden Barrett – Some of the best players in the global arena has come from the All Black squad. Barrett is without a doubt the most valuable player in the All Black’s quest to take home the Webb Ellis trophy. His versatility on the field allows him to be a strong force regardless of the number on his back.

Leone Nakarawa – Fiji rugby has been going from strength to strength over the past couple of years, moving up in the World Rankings. This is due to some great skill and talent within their squad, which helped them to gold in Rio during the Olympics. This success is what is giving them hope to excel in Japan. One of the pillars of strength within the squad is the man better known as the Octopus on the field. Nakarawa is bringing a brilliant blend of skill and physical strength, and the game he is playing is putting him in the ranks of the best in the world.

Jordan Petaia – At the mere age of 19 years old, Petaia is one of the youngsters on the field during the Cup. The Australian squad represents an infused blend of experience and youth on their team. Regardless of age, Petaia has shown himself to be a player who is not only versatile but also remarkably consistent with his delivery. His recent performance at the Queensland Reds makes him a valuable asset to deliver a noticeable impact for the Wallabies.

Siya Kolisi – Kolisi went to Japan as one of the most vital players with the Springbok team. His previous experience in the World Cup arena is essential on the field in Japan right now. Kolisi isn’t only an integral part of the Springbok squad, but also to the development of rugby as a sport in South Africa.