No Online Casino Gaming & Haunted Hotels in South Africa

Even though online casino gambling is illegal in South Africa, there seem to be no restrictions on sports betting. After all, it is a country that loves all kinds of sports, from rugby to cricket and soccer. The country is home to some of the greatest sports stadiums, and the 2010 World Cup hosting was superb in every way. It showed that the country has what it takes to host major sports events.

But South Africa n’s who enjoy slots, poker, blackjack and other forms of casino gaming entertainment have one option only. Visit your local casino or don’t play, as online casino activities are illegal.

Hotels in South Africa

In most countries, large hotels ads casinos to attract more visitors and with no online casino gaming available, you’d imagine that the state does the same. What you need to know before making this assumption is that South Africa is home to no less than seven of the worlds most haunted hotels. So, when you on a venture to find the good, the bad, the scary and the unusual in the country, your first stop would be the Lord Milner Hotel. This hotel in Matjiesfontein, the locals believe belongs to the ghost called Lucy.

Ghost Lucy Scares Guests at the Lord Milner Hotel

Lucy seems not to like noise or the up and down of guests and to prevent this; it is reported that she makes noises. It scares guests away who comes to enjoy the beautiful building completed in 1899. The Lord Milner Hotel is named after the governor of the Cape; his full name was Lord Alfred Milner. The hotel was the headquarters of the Western Command in the Cape during the Anglo-Boer war.

Experts Came to Meet Ghost Lucy

The hotel is the most haunted of all hotels, and even experts have been called upon to investigate why the ghost guests won’t leave. The ghosts rattle the doors; you can hear them play cards, not sure if it is poker or blackjack they like, and you could even see them floating down the corridors.

Going alone into your room and closing the door behind, you only happens on a dare. If you’re inside and the lights go off, it means game on. You can hear yourself breathing, and if you try to get out, you can’t the doorknob stops working. But maybe that is what a different experience is all about; you be the judge.

Play A Round of Ghostly Poker or Pray You’d Fall Asleep Quickly

The visitor’s book is ancient, and it holds the name of thousands who have stayed for a bit at the hotel. Almost all those who have visited have heard the shuffling sound of cards, but when they hear the hiss of a cat, they pray that they’d fall asleep quickly. Luckily the ghostly events only take place during the dark of the night, and by morning you can enjoy a stay in one of the best hotels in Matjiesfontein.