Once a Gambling Hub Now Without Hope

Polokwane in South Africa was once a flourishing wine market, but the decline of the South African platinum industry and marginalized administration transformed this boom town into a neglected place. It is now more known as the place where the mediocre urban meets, they do gather in crowds here and quite rightfully, so they called the new mafia. One that lives of the flesh of what once was an obese beast.

Lifeless Meropa to Gambling Hub in a Day

In July Polokwane’s Meropa Casino is dead, but it all depends on the date, if you visit on the 24th you’ll be all by yourself. One day later, it changes entirely as the 25th is payday in this part of Africa. The Meropa Casino is now pumping with the mindless indigents that bring life to the property of Sun International every month. They spend all the money they planned to set aside for groceries.

Ranch Motel is a Bit of Light in this Dark Underworld

It seems that nothing works but the Ranch Motel, needless to say, that the motel is in private hands. Everyone knows it, yet no one is concerned about the permanent failure sense that hangs like a thick cloud over the place. The staff is untrained, abused and shouted at, but the contractors don’t care, they want to be paid for their lack of interest.

Once Successful Now Without Hope

It’s a sad situation as Polokwane once was successful, although all is not lost as you’d find it hard to GM of the casino, its either no money or easy money now. There is no point in trying to correct the erosion of the infrastructure or morality.

Losing money Don’t Matter That Much Anymore

What is happening here is that the second anyone gets their hands on some money; they go to the casino. In this dusty place, can you judge those that want a glimpse, no matter how long it lasts? Of the promised land. You might lose it, but does it matter as being out of money is a permanent or even regular decision.

Home to the Unhappy and Sufferers

There is also the argument around alcohol abuse; it’s the road of suffering and unhappiness in which the family of the alcoholic suffers the most. Sometimes all that is needed is someone to blame. It could turn violent; it could involve your nearest and dearest, there is no incentive in it for those who try.

The ANC is responsible some say for the unholy muddle, while the GM of Meropa continues to entertain his quest at his nightclub with a few bottles of Johnnie Walker Black. One thing is clear; his budget is designed to allow a way to make his problems go away. The employer pays the big bucks for this license, and he shows little care that the taxpayers contribute to what can only be described as a mess, one that is bottomless.