Ryan Sandes Enters the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race

Worldwide some influential athletes accomplish incredible achievements that once thought not possible. A long-distance runner wants the most formidable challenge possible & look towards Stellenbosch, South Africa for that feet. This jurisdiction hosts the Cape Winelands Max-Race, which sustains a running distance of 75km. It’s internationally considered one of the physically most challenging races worldwide.

South Africa’s Ryan Sandes is representing his homegrown nation, marking the first race undertaken by the long-distance runner in 2020. All events planned for this year were terminated following outbreaks of coronavirus across South Africa. An unfortunate demise for Ryan Sandes resulted from Covid-19 becoming an international pandemic, with the athlete starting preparations for events this year in 2017.

Sandes emphasized disappointment that South Africa’s Namibia Project was cancelled for November 2020. Regained excitement followed after learning that the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race would sustain their scheduling. Runners won’t be required to wear face coverings while competing. Subsequent activities demand physical distancing from registered runners & facemasks to eliminate spreading of Covid-19. When questioned about his excitement for the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race, Ryan Sandes noted lifelong aspirations towards competing in this event.

Goals & Dedication

The Cape Winelands Maxi-Race isn’t the primary focus for this South African long-distance runner. Sandes noted that aspirations have moved towards 2021, with goals of winning the “Ultra Trail Mont Blanc”. Training preparation has begun for Ryan Sandes at Stellenbosch & Franschhoek mountains. Ryan emphasized that competing in the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race is meant to familiarize his body with 75km routes, boosting his respective training & becoming superior at running.

The Cape Winelands Maxi-Race is considered more than a long-distance runner, with competitors being thrown into adventurous landscapes & acquiring a journey that sometimes leads to self-discovery. Infamously, individuals that attend the Maxi-Race never register another time. It shows the versatility & strength required to ascend the mountainside for 75km. Most humans couldn’t ever ascertain that physical accomplishment.