Security Required for South African Cricketers

After struggling in their recent test series against the British, the next venue for the South African National Cricket Team is looming. This time they’ll be competing in Pakistan for the first time in thirteen years. Considered a mooted tour, these national teams would compete in preparation of the T20 World Cup. Played in Australia between October and November, they have nine months to hone their talents for the T20 competition. It was confirmed today that the South African’s would have a series of security experts watching over them in Pakistan. Their mission is to provide safety for players and collect data on Pakistan’s stability. Viewers can watch South Africa battle Pakistan on March 18th.

The last team that South Africa travelled to Pakistan for a Test series was 2007, which included five days of singular matchups. Looming threats regarding terrorist activity prompted this cricket team to remove themselves towards any future test series in Pakistan. Attacks like the Sri Lankan 2003 Bus Bombing, which killed eight international players, prompted numerous organizations to stop sporting activities in Pakistan. It should be noted that individual players from South Africa have travelled to the middle-eastern country, playing for the Pakistan Super League. This includes David Miller, David Wiese, Imran Tahir and Colin Ingram.

Beat the British First

The South African International Cricket Team is required to defeat the British before competing against Pakistan. It’s been a challenging process for SA to combat the World Cup Champions, with these two international teams competing at severe levels for victory. Both are nearly tied, and nobody knows who’ll end up victorious by the end of this test series. Notable players like Quinton de Kock, Bjorn Fortuin, Pieter Rabada and Janner Malan have used their skillsets to hold the British at bay. They’ve struggled in the second week of this test series, with leading punters like Kagiso Rabada and Du Plessis causing major weaknesses in SA’s defence.

Following this test series, multiple players have been terminated from this organization before competing with Pakistan. This includes Sisanda Magala, who supplied this team with eleven wickets throughout nine games in the Mzansi Super League. Most sporting analysts believe this decision was made by personal factors, suspecting that both thought this mutual decision was beneficial. There are rumours that New Zealand or Britain could acquire Magala before the T20 Series.