South Africa Defeats Britain in Test Series

The British have fallen on the 3rd day, at least when it applies to their cricket test series against South Africa. Players couldn’t respond against the aggressive nature of South Africa, resulting in the British missing numerous wickets on the offensive and defensive. Regardless, this doesn’t mean that Great Britain’s national cricket team didn’t put up the good fight. Competing in unexpected weather conditions, they acquired 192 points against South Africa. However, in the final minutes of this game, notable players on the opposing side broke through England’s defence and allowed for an additional 12 points to be acquired and allowed South Africa to win at 201. This follows after 100+ years of these two nations competing against each other in test and professional series.

The Perth Grounds is considered one of the most challenging locations for any professional cricketer, with numerous athletes taking substantial injuries throughout this test series. Multiple athletes were forced to return home on both sides, with the British taking more casualties than the South Africans. This played a significant factor in their series loss this month. When it applies to their final matchup this week, Plessis couldn’t pitch the required balls to Dominic Sibley. Most analysts claim that this was done purposely, with Plessis previously being caught gambling on cricket in the past. Subsequently, the coaching staff with England’s national cricket team are completing a thorough investigation to determine if this throw was accidental or purposeful.

There has been growing concerns that illegal gambling has occurred throughout professional cricket. This would follow the same issues that resulted in Football, Basketball and Baseball. Illegal sportsbetting has been growing drastically, with governing associations working avidly on the development of legislation to stop these actions.

South Africa

The South Africans celebrated their successful test series, marking the first instance they’ve won since the early 200s. Individuals competing for the South Africans displayed significant skillsets, showcasing wickets that outpaced the formidable Ben Stokes. Without the pitching capabilities of Rassie Van Der Dussen, the South Africans would’ve been outmatched by Ben Stokes. Kagiso Rabada also displayed incredible talents as a bowler, allowing for Plessis and Kock to perform admirably as the batsman. Going forward, the South Africans will compete on the 4th and 5th days of this test series. Per usual we will provide you regular updates regarding our formidable South African national team