South Africa Versus England Cricket Updates

Health problems have plagued another player with the England national cricket team, prompting Jack Reach to return home on January 16th. This follows after he battled a severe condition of sepsis, which prompted him missing the test series against New Zealand. After healing from the original medical condition, he contracted gastroenteritis and the flu while competing in South Africa. It should be noted that Jack Reach has spent his life suffering from Crohn’s disease and struggled to recover from any illness as a result. This information was confirmed by the England & Wales Cricket Board, who noted that he’d spend a prolonged period healing from these illnesses.

The board continued by expressing that Jack hadn’t been able to reach the required lived of fitness for national cricket. They noted that this period has been unfortunate for Jack, with him spending six weeks in unhealthy conditions. Considering that he isn’t expected to heal for another four weeks, this would mean a two-month period of sickness. Fans didn’t react positively to this announcement, with many expressing their condolences to Jack Reach. He became a cult hero amongst the British for his staunch resistance and competitive nature, which is similar to that of Ben Stokes.

This unexpected retirement of Jack Leach during the South Africa Test Series has prompted Dom Bess to step into the replacement role. He will play his second test match in Cape Town, which follows with an immediate matchup the next day in port Elizabeth. Regardless, Jack Leach is the third individual to leave the test series in the last three weeks. Rory Burns was returned home after damaging his lift knee, with James Anderson following for two broken ribs. Those individuals that haven’t left this region have acquired air born illnesses, including eleven players and several staff members. This has led coaching staff to debate if there’ll be another test series in South Africa going forward into the 2020s.

South Africa Tied with England

Analysts have determined that these air born illnesses have prompted the South African National Team with multiple victories. The third day of this test series was held in Saint George’s Park, where England was defeated twice. This has prompted for the series to be tied at one-to-one, with illnesses forcing for top-rated athletes on England’s national team to be benched. It provides South Africa with a considerable advantage, which hasn’t been earned under the respective talents of players. When the official season begins later this year, the transpiring events will be considerably different.