South African Athletes Infected with COVID-19

Two athletes that originate from South Africa but now engage in international leagues have been confirmed with COVID-19. This includes Ben Motshwari and Sphephelo Sithole. The Orlando Pirates confirmed that their Midfield has a confirmed case of COVID-19 on May 7th, with Ben Motshwari now the 1st PSL Punter to have the virus. Ben’s also one of the youngest footballers worldwide to contract the novel coronavirus, with him not having any previous medical conditions.

The Orlando Pirates provides insight into the situation, releasing a formal statement to America news outlets. They remarked that Ben Motshwari first started showcasing symptoms of the Flu on May 1st. He immediately was inducted into a local hospital and underwent testing, which came back as a confirmed case with Asymptomatic symptoms. This means that Ben Motshwari won’t die from the novel coronavirus, that he’ll have to remain indoors for fourteen days and then be retested. This process will repeat until Ben is deemed clear of COVID-19. It should be mentioned that all individuals in contact with Motshwari over the last fourteen days were informed to be tested. None have come back positive.

Confirmed Diagnosis of Sithole

Before Ben Motshwari was confirmed with the novel coronavirus, Sphephelo Sithole announced his contraction of COVID-19. He was the 1st South African Footballer to prove he’d tested positive for the deadly virus. His confirmation came hours before he intended to arrive at the Belenenses SAD Training Facility, which Sphephelo has taken as a blessing. He’d never anticipated that he’d receive such an unforgettable call moments before leaving the home of the 1st time in weeks.

Unlike Ben Motshwari, Sithole isn’t Asymptomatic and is experiencing respiratory issues from the virus. Damages done from COVID-19 could force this footballer to quit his career early, as Sphephelo is less than 23 years of age. No context on his future with the Portuguese Football League was provided. Coaches and team personnel cannot know the capabilities of Sphephelo Sithole until he hopefully returns to training.

Coaches will be looking towards the stamina displayed by Sphephelo Sithole, which will then be medically tested by team doctors. They’ll determine the long-term damage done to his lungs from the novel coronavirus. After an assessment, it’ll be determined if Sithole can sustain an athletic career.