South African Homeless Forced into Pretoria Soccer Stadium

Soldiers throughout South Africa have become aggressive towards locals amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This follows after the President of South Africa allowed for extreme measures to be imposed by local governments. Video footage from April 1st and onwards reveal armoured personnel carriers with weaponized soldiers. Airhorns scream to “Go Home Immediately”, with those not listening being arrested or physically harmed.

The South African Government didn’t consider the overwhelming number of homeless individuals in their nation. Young men, woman and children living on the street of Johannesburg walked from their hidden quarters to see the commotion. Some were interviewed on their future, with a homeless man expressing that COVID-19 will be deadly for the homeless community. They don’t have the luxuries of paid healthcare or respectable living quarters, increasing their chances of receiving this virus. Johannesburg isn’t the only city facing these issues. Multiple jurisdictions across South Africa are overwhelmed with homeless communities.

The significant divide between South Africa’s wealthy and poor was made evident during the first day of lockdown. SA is considered an unequal society, with racism and poverty running rampant. Those losing in notable suburbs have experienced an overwhelming increase of robberies from the homeless community. Deaths have followed with Suburban Communities forced into a three week self-isolation period. Their opponents sometimes outmatch those defending their property.

The Fallout

Increasing crime rates prompted the Johannesburg Law Enforcement to locate 1000+ homeless individuals in their region. They were sent to an abandoned soccer stadium in Pretoria, the Capital of South Africa. Individuals most likely infected with COVID-19 were forced into conditions were self-isolation was possible. Tents were provided for sleeping quarters, with those meant to manage three individuals at most. Ten homeless individuals are being forced into a single tent, defeating the purpose of self-isolation.

Those refusing to live in these tents have gone towards the bleachers, which risks the chance of being robbed or murdered. It’s created a breeding ground for death, with reporters claiming that the South African Government are condemning these men to death. There aren’t any medical supplies available to these homeless individuals, with drugs also running rampant. Dealers can be seen entering and leaving the facility regularly.