Thanks to the National Lottery Six South Africans Win Luxurious Houses

What could be higher than starting a new year and finding out that you are the owner of a brand-new home? Since ITHUBA took over in 2015, this year was the fourth National Lottery Raffle, and it was the first time that the prize give-aways included houses. The organisation wanted to award prizes that would make a difference in the lives of South Africans and what could be better as a fancy home.
The National Lottery Raffle had to change the life of its winners forever, and this year it offered the six winners the change to have decent housing.

The National Lottery Raffle in South Africa Gives Away Six Luxury Homes

South African lotto players were pleasantly surprised by ITHUBA who arranged and managed the fourth raffle since 2015. The started initially been to give back something to the players, and some of the previous prizes included cash rewards and expensive cars. Still, ITHUBA felt the money could be better invest, and that housing would be the ultimate prize. The prize worth R2 million can now be used to purchase a house, and the rest of the cash can be used to furnish it or buy other things needed. Apart from the houses, the National Lottery in South Africa also decided to add another 50 prices this year, and each of these was worth R10,000.

The Best Win Ever

The six lucky numbers were published online, and it was called the Home-Sweet-Home raffle. Anyone with a raffle ticket that matches the displayed numbers would be able to unlock the door to a house worth R2 million.

An online search for houses that would cost around R2 million in South Africa offered 13 properties in the bigger cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and some of the areas in the Western Cape. To get a better idea of what a luxurious house would cost on average companies such as Property24 revealed that you would need at least R20 million and to live in areas such as Constantia.

Buying a property is a life decision, and if you have a budget of R2 million, you would be able to purchase a three-bedroom home in Centurion, Pretoria. If you wanted to buy in Monument Park in Pretoria, you could find a two-bedroom house. If you’re going to live in Cape Town, it will buy you a one-bedroom apartment in Vredehoek. If you wish to move to Balito in KwaZulu Natal, you’d be able to buy a one-bedroom apartment.

In Bloemfontein, you would get a three-bedroom house in Woodland Hills. We decided to add some of the properties that were available for the price of R2 million to the six lucky winners. Still, it is a grand prize, and it adds value to the life of the winner and his or her family. The names of the winners are not published although we hope they enjoy their new home-sweet-homes.