The ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2020

The International Cricket Championship Under-19 World Cup for 2020 is nearly underway. Young athletes will take to South Africa to compete in their largest competition, with sixteen nations signed on to compete. It’s the thirteenth time that this tournament is taking place, with the first match for 2020 starting on January 17th. The countdown for this opening day of ICC U19 2020 has begun, with fanatics and dignitaries already discussing potential outcomes at Willow Moore Park.

The start-date announcement was made by multiple individuals associated with the international cricket championship. This included their General Manager, the Chief Executive Doctor, the Tournaments Ambassador, and former professional athletes with the ICC. During this announcement, these individuals provided insight into the new players that are joining the championship this year. Those included Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, and Kane Williamson. These three individuals will now push forward to make significant outcomes in their first professional venue, allowing them to follow the footsteps of ICC legends.

Additional News from the Announcement

The most notable individual that appeared at this announcement was the ICC Ambassador, Ntini. His career is infamous, with more than six hundred wickets for the South African National Cricket Team. Ntini’s career surpassed ten years, an achievement that most stars can’t an accomplishment. The first achievement this championship star received was with the original U19 Squad in 1998. Since retiring, this man has been looking for leadership positions with the International Cricket Championship. Acting as the ambassador is a significant honour, with the added benefit of his son being approved for the competition as well. Thando will fight for New Zealand in the coming weeks.

The 2020 Edition of the ICC Under-19 World Cup is a tradition that’s been proudly maintained for two decades. It’s displayed the leading cricketers that would inevitably become stars for the leagues we watch today. The 2020 edition will see two teams fight against one another for the first time, with those being Nigeria and Japan. In total, fifteen teams look to stop India from winning another championship title after 2018. Those wanting to watch the 2020 ICC U19 World Cup can see the first event in January.