Coronavirus Disturbing South African Sports

The third confirmed case of the coronavirus has been reported throughout South Africa. This individual was married to the man first infected with the disease. Medical officials expect that this South African party of travellers will all collect the coronavirus, with a total of ten individuals travelling to Italy. This nation has become one of the most affected worldwide, with travel restrictions being implemented to ensure limited exposure with spreading.

Nurses & Doctors have been seen wearing various forms of protective gear in these outbreak locations. Medical experts throughout China have faced death as well, with analysts expecting similar situations will occur throughout Italy. It should be noted that Italy has experienced the highest rate of fatalities with the COVID-19 virus. Throughout the entire planet, there have been more than 3500 people killed, with 105+ thousand infected globally. This is less than a 3% death rate, which is why associations like the World Health Organization and Centre of Disease Control is urging the public not to panic.

South Africa Authorities provided details regarding the increased outbreak, expressing that all ten individuals affected with the coronavirus have been located. All members are being forced to commit daily tests for the next two weeks, which has become the standard with the coronavirus. These safe authorities suspect that these ten individuals potentially came into contract with 100+ people since returning home. This could create an expansive level of spreading, which would force South African Authorities to cancel numerous events in this country.


There haven’t been any confirmed cancellations for sporting events across South Africa. Sporting analysts are beginning to speculate that various Cricket and Football venues will be terminated in the next several days. These two sports are the most popular in SA, prompting thousands to attend various events weekly. Refusing to cancel these venues would create a substantial rate of spreading, forcing possibly thousands to acquire this virus strain. We highly recommend that our readers in South Africa begin protecting themselves with the necessary gear. We’ll keep you informed with any updates on the coronavirus in South Africa.