Online Gambling Under the Spotlight in South Africa

When it comes to online gambling customs and laws around the world, it differs hugely from one country to the next. For instance, in Las Vegas, it is up to you, you can gamble when you wish and as much as you want at any of the hundreds of casinos.

In the UK you can enjoy land-based or online gambling it is legal, and you can enjoy betting via your phone. South Africans are free to enter a casino at any time of the day or night to enjoy gambling. But, they are forbidden from logging into an online gambling site from their laptops, desktops or even mobile devices.

Significant Fines and Even Imprisonment When You Play at Online Casinos in South Africa

Many South Africans are members of online casinos and enjoy thousands of online games. Many sites are happy to welcome players from South Africa and allowing them to enjoy full membership benefits. These include substantial welcome bonuses, a whole range of promotions and even loyalty benefits.

What is the Risk You Take by Joining an Online Casino?

If you’re a South African, the risk you take is enormous, you could end up paying a significant fine for joining and playing at online casinos. Apart from the fine, you could even end up in prison!

What is the Benefit of Prohibiting? Do people form Enjoying Online Casino Gaming?

The reason why the South African Government and gambling regulatory body want to prevent online gambling is that it holds a threat to the community. Gambling addiction is what increases poverty, and it is an immoral threat.

Is Land-Based Gambling Not a Threat to Society?

If online gambling is such a threat to the South African society, how can land-based casino gaming then be ok? There is no limit in the country to how much you can gamble; you have access to land-based casinos all day and night.

Useful in One Way, Illegal in the Other?

Answers on such questions are not available; over the past years, many politicians have tried to legalize online gambling. They’ve failed time after time, and there is no indication that online casino gaming would be authorized shortly. Most of the banks won’t allow you to deposit at a casino.

No Legalization Could Mean Losing Out on Thousands if Not Millions

The only recent threat from the Government was that people gambling online would not receive their winnings. But how do the Government know what people win when they already forced to use alternative banking methods. No one funds their online casino account by using banking services.

Legalization Could Boost The Government’s Funds

South African’s use ewallets or even cryptocurrencies to play online, and by legalizing online play, the country could fund housing. It would be controlled, and as things stand now, they are losing money that could make a significant difference in the country.

No Online Casino Gaming & Haunted Hotels in South Africa

Even though online casino gambling is illegal in South Africa, there seem to be no restrictions on sports betting. After all, it is a country that loves all kinds of sports, from rugby to cricket and soccer. The country is home to some of the greatest sports stadiums, and the 2010 World Cup hosting was superb in every way. It showed that the country has what it takes to host major sports events.

But South Africa n’s who enjoy slots, poker, blackjack and other forms of casino gaming entertainment have one option only. Visit your local casino or don’t play, as online casino activities are illegal.

Hotels in South Africa

In most countries, large hotels ads casinos to attract more visitors and with no online casino gaming available, you’d imagine that the state does the same. What you need to know before making this assumption is that South Africa is home to no less than seven of the worlds most haunted hotels. So, when you on a venture to find the good, the bad, the scary and the unusual in the country, your first stop would be the Lord Milner Hotel. This hotel in Matjiesfontein, the locals believe belongs to the ghost called Lucy.

Ghost Lucy Scares Guests at the Lord Milner Hotel

Lucy seems not to like noise or the up and down of guests and to prevent this; it is reported that she makes noises. It scares guests away who comes to enjoy the beautiful building completed in 1899. The Lord Milner Hotel is named after the governor of the Cape; his full name was Lord Alfred Milner. The hotel was the headquarters of the Western Command in the Cape during the Anglo-Boer war.

Experts Came to Meet Ghost Lucy

The hotel is the most haunted of all hotels, and even experts have been called upon to investigate why the ghost guests won’t leave. The ghosts rattle the doors; you can hear them play cards, not sure if it is poker or blackjack they like, and you could even see them floating down the corridors.

Going alone into your room and closing the door behind, you only happens on a dare. If you’re inside and the lights go off, it means game on. You can hear yourself breathing, and if you try to get out, you can’t the doorknob stops working. But maybe that is what a different experience is all about; you be the judge.

Play A Round of Ghostly Poker or Pray You’d Fall Asleep Quickly

The visitor’s book is ancient, and it holds the name of thousands who have stayed for a bit at the hotel. Almost all those who have visited have heard the shuffling sound of cards, but when they hear the hiss of a cat, they pray that they’d fall asleep quickly. Luckily the ghostly events only take place during the dark of the night, and by morning you can enjoy a stay in one of the best hotels in Matjiesfontein.

Once a Gambling Hub Now Without Hope

Polokwane in South Africa was once a flourishing wine market, but the decline of the South African platinum industry and marginalized administration transformed this boom town into a neglected place. It is now more known as the place where the mediocre urban meets, they do gather in crowds here and quite rightfully, so they called the new mafia. One that lives of the flesh of what once was an obese beast.

Lifeless Meropa to Gambling Hub in a Day

In July Polokwane’s Meropa Casino is dead, but it all depends on the date, if you visit on the 24th you’ll be all by yourself. One day later, it changes entirely as the 25th is payday in this part of Africa. The Meropa Casino is now pumping with the mindless indigents that bring life to the property of Sun International every month. They spend all the money they planned to set aside for groceries.

Ranch Motel is a Bit of Light in this Dark Underworld

It seems that nothing works but the Ranch Motel, needless to say, that the motel is in private hands. Everyone knows it, yet no one is concerned about the permanent failure sense that hangs like a thick cloud over the place. The staff is untrained, abused and shouted at, but the contractors don’t care, they want to be paid for their lack of interest.

Once Successful Now Without Hope

It’s a sad situation as Polokwane once was successful, although all is not lost as you’d find it hard to GM of the casino, its either no money or easy money now. There is no point in trying to correct the erosion of the infrastructure or morality.

Losing money Don’t Matter That Much Anymore

What is happening here is that the second anyone gets their hands on some money; they go to the casino. In this dusty place, can you judge those that want a glimpse, no matter how long it lasts? Of the promised land. You might lose it, but does it matter as being out of money is a permanent or even regular decision.

Home to the Unhappy and Sufferers

There is also the argument around alcohol abuse; it’s the road of suffering and unhappiness in which the family of the alcoholic suffers the most. Sometimes all that is needed is someone to blame. It could turn violent; it could involve your nearest and dearest, there is no incentive in it for those who try.

The ANC is responsible some say for the unholy muddle, while the GM of Meropa continues to entertain his quest at his nightclub with a few bottles of Johnnie Walker Black. One thing is clear; his budget is designed to allow a way to make his problems go away. The employer pays the big bucks for this license, and he shows little care that the taxpayers contribute to what can only be described as a mess, one that is bottomless.

Sportsbetting & Gambling in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the destinations in South Africa that attracts the most significant number of tourists. If you find yourself in the ocean city, you can visit one of five casinos that offer around 2,500 slot and gaming machines and 75 table games.

If you love poker, there is no reason to feel left out as Cape Town do offer more than ten live poker tables. Sports betting options include Horseracing and other games betting provided in all casino’s sportsbook sections. The most popular games include Blackjack Switch, American Roulette, Stud Poker, Texas Hold’Em, GranDice, Easy Poker and Punto Banco.

Cape Town’s Largest Casino

The largest casino in Cape Town is the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World, part of the Sun International Hotels. It officially opened on the 1st of April 1997, and the casino floor size is 120,000 ft/sq. The GrandWest Casino is open 24/7, and it is the largest entertainment arena in the country. It offers both a non-smoking and smoking area for visitors to enjoy non-stop excitement.

GrandWest Slots

The number of slots slot machines in the casino is 2,500, and all games use the smart card technology. Visitors can also enjoy more than 75 premium table games in both smoking and non-smoking areas.

Salon Prive offers a sophisticated gaming experience in an exclusive area to Diamond and MVG Platinum members. The games include baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack and slot machines featuring high dominations. The number of slots in the Salon Prive is 156 and include both video poker and video slots. The Prive table games are the best option for players who enjoy high-stakes play in baccarat, blackjack and American Roulette.

Sun International Land-Based and Online Sports Betting Options

Online sports betting offered by Sun International casinos offer you fixed odd betting on over 21 games every week. Online sports betting include in-play and live betting programs for around 60 live events. Most online players in South Africa favour the fixed odds betting system as participants know exactly what they stand to win.

South African sports fans can place bets on horse racing, bingo and lucky number draw. Sports betting options also includes a wide range of sports such as cricket, golf, soccer, rugby, motorsports and boxing as well as NFL football games.

The betting platform is not limited to the individual or team sports. Winnings can be withdrawn online and added and removed from bank accounts as well as credit cards. The Sun International blog offers all the latest news regarding promotions as well as the story and facts about other casinos part of the group. These include The Lost City Casino constructed by over 5,000 people back in 1990. It also offers players information regarding the generous Sun MVG loyalty programme benefits as well as the option to register online. The four-tier MVG programme includes different advantages to holders of platinum, gold, diamond and silver cards, and joining is free.

Thanks to the National Lottery Six South Africans Win Luxurious Houses

What could be higher than starting a new year and finding out that you are the owner of a brand-new home? Since ITHUBA took over in 2015, this year was the fourth National Lottery Raffle, and it was the first time that the prize give-aways included houses. The organisation wanted to award prizes that would make a difference in the lives of South Africans and what could be better as a fancy home.
The National Lottery Raffle had to change the life of its winners forever, and this year it offered the six winners the change to have decent housing.

The National Lottery Raffle in South Africa Gives Away Six Luxury Homes

South African lotto players were pleasantly surprised by ITHUBA who arranged and managed the fourth raffle since 2015. The started initially been to give back something to the players, and some of the previous prizes included cash rewards and expensive cars. Still, ITHUBA felt the money could be better invest, and that housing would be the ultimate prize. The prize worth R2 million can now be used to purchase a house, and the rest of the cash can be used to furnish it or buy other things needed. Apart from the houses, the National Lottery in South Africa also decided to add another 50 prices this year, and each of these was worth R10,000.

The Best Win Ever

The six lucky numbers were published online, and it was called the Home-Sweet-Home raffle. Anyone with a raffle ticket that matches the displayed numbers would be able to unlock the door to a house worth R2 million.

An online search for houses that would cost around R2 million in South Africa offered 13 properties in the bigger cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and some of the areas in the Western Cape. To get a better idea of what a luxurious house would cost on average companies such as Property24 revealed that you would need at least R20 million and to live in areas such as Constantia.

Buying a property is a life decision, and if you have a budget of R2 million, you would be able to purchase a three-bedroom home in Centurion, Pretoria. If you wanted to buy in Monument Park in Pretoria, you could find a two-bedroom house. If you’re going to live in Cape Town, it will buy you a one-bedroom apartment in Vredehoek. If you wish to move to Balito in KwaZulu Natal, you’d be able to buy a one-bedroom apartment.

In Bloemfontein, you would get a three-bedroom house in Woodland Hills. We decided to add some of the properties that were available for the price of R2 million to the six lucky winners. Still, it is a grand prize, and it adds value to the life of the winner and his or her family. The names of the winners are not published although we hope they enjoy their new home-sweet-homes.

Universal Multiplicity of Africa

Africa is not only a multi-racial country that loves almost every sport possible, but it is also keen on gambling. The most popular sports betting markets include rugby, soccer, cricket and golf. In Africa, there are 54 recognized countries/states of which two disputes independence. These include Somaliland and Western Sahara.

3,000 Languages in Existence Across the Continent

This continent is the second largest in the world, both in population and land area. The largest country is Algeria and Nigeria are the richest when it comes to ethnicities and languages since an estimated 3,000 languages exist across the continent. The largest cities in Africa includes Algiers, Nairobi, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Accra, Cairo and Khartoum.

In size, the continent is almost 11.7 million square miles, including its adjacent islands. Europe and Africa are separated by the Mediterranean Sea, while Asia and Africa are joint by the Isthmus of Suez. The continent is surrounded by the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, to the north is the Mediterranean Sea and to the south the Indian Ocean. The distance between Somalia and Ras Fun is around 4,600 miles, and the continent is home to a diverse range of climate areas.

Anthropologists found numerous fossils on the continent and evidence suggesting that it was inhabited as much as seven million years ago. Today it is home to millions of people and animals. Africa was also home to civilizations such as the Pharaonic, a medieval Egypt civilization. There is also the Greeks and Romans that were amongst the first to explore the continent.

The list of countries in Africa includes Algeria, Botswana, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Central African Republic, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Burundi, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ethiopia, Ghana and thirty-four others.

Once it was home to around 10,000 different states and polities and from the 7th to the 20th century, Africa practised slavery. In the latter part of the 19th century, the Europeans scrambled for several regions and the only ones saved from colonialism was Ethiopia and Liberia. At the end of the Second World War, the colonials wanted independence. Today most of the nations have borders agreed upon by previous colonial powers.

More than 3,000 Protected Areas in Africa

Africa has well over 3,000 different protected areas, and this includes an estimated 198 marine areas that remain protected. Other well-protected areas include the wetlands and biosphere reserves. These are mainly referred to as harbouring wild populations, and the animals include elephants, cheetahs crocodiles, buffalo, snakes, camels, lions and giraffes.

There is a massive threat to the rich biodiversity of the continent, and as with other continents, it is the increasing habitat destruction, increasing population and the lack of adequate animal and habitat protection. Another huge problem is poaching as well as the productive forestry cleared from the forests that should be protected.

South African 2019 General Election

Despite a Nationwide Outcry, Mokonyana, Dlamini and Gigaba are Heading to Parliament, after all, everyone’s eyes are on Cyril Ramaphosa, the President to do what is needed. It is not the first or the last time that the President is asked to downsize his cabinet and now the list of the people going to Parliament is raising even more eyebrows.

Those Implicated in Wrongdoing Now Heads to Parliament

There are no shortage of ANC or African National Congress members that are implicated in wrongdoings. This includes Nomvula Mokonyane, Bathabile Dlamini and Malusi Gigaba, what shocks the nation is that all three are now heading to Parliament.

Why Would Any President Include Those That No One Has Confidence In?

The candidate list from the IEC Independent Electoral Commission for Parliament Members was handed to Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogeong on Wednesday. Maseko says it is quite the balancing act to try and those within the ANC party happy and then it is even worse to find members that have the confidence of the people.

Nompumelelo Runji, a political analyst, shared that the ANC branches selected those listed on the list.

Nomvula Mokonyane, for instance, used her contacts and influence to stop the criminal investigation into Bosasa. Agrizzi, Angelo says the instalments he had to pay to Nomvula Mokonyana was a monthly cash payment of R50,000 plus the minister also wanted meat, some of the most expensive alcohol and groceries.

Nomvula Paula Mokonyane is South Africa’s Minister of Environmental Affairs appointed under President Cyril Ramaphosa. Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, the Public Protector, is also busy with a whole lot of investigations against Nomvula Mokonyane and Bathabile Dlamini.

Corruption & Incompetent: Should a combination get You into Parliament?

The words that come to mind is, unfit for office, corruption at the highest level and incompetence. The endless flow of serious complaints hardly ever stops the list only gets longer as Mokonyane was also involved in rewarding tenders to those who did not have the equipment or know-how to complete the tasks. Like one of the judges said on Friday, and this is only the complaints launched, imagine what is not mentioned.

Dlamini and Mokonyane are both Unfit for Office, Although Ramaphosa Disagrees

Ramaphosa announced his new cabinet this Wednesday and this time he axed Dlamini, don’t hold your breath as he did not axe Mokonyane. Ramaphosa kept her, and she is going to Parliament.

Set Aside Reports Rhamaphosa Want’s Those Guilty in his Parliament

When things get hot in South Africa, the court sets reports aside, and this time it refers to the report by Mkhwebane. It is also not where it ends. You make sure that the Public Protector gets accused of something so that the attention is less on your case when you are Gordhan. It is an endless battle, and it involves retirement funds and other serious allegations, but Ramaphosa made Gordhan the minister of public enterprises.

Horse Racing in South Africa

Horse racing is one of the most popular betting sports in South Africa. Punters can place bets on one horse in each of the legs from one to four. Betting also allows the choice of two horses in each of the legs from five to seven. Should all the selected horses finish in the first three, the payouts are eight times the bet. Most bettors place exacta bets in which you need to predict the horses that will complete the race in the first and second places. To win, you also have to predict the exact order of the first two.

The most excellent betting option is the swinger or the Each-way bet that combines a win with a place bet. Place bets require you to predict the horses that will end the race in the first, second or third place.

Horse Racing Tracks in South Africa

Due to the popularity of horse racing, there are quite a few racing tracks in the country including Turffontein, The Vaal, Scottsville, Kenilworth, Greyville, Flamingo Park, Fairview, Durbanville and Borrowdale Park. Turffontein a right-handed track with a straight of 1,200 m and 2,600 circumferences, It is considered the stiffest of the tracks in the country due to the steady climb of around 1,200 m to the last turn.

The Vaal

The Vaal horse racing track offers a run-in of around 1,000 m, and it is the country’s longest track, and it is the only straight course of about 1,600 m. All the races at the Vaal take place down the straight that tests the jockey’s judgement and the stamina of the horse.


Scottsville is another right-handed horse racing course with a 2,300 m circumference and a chute for races of 1,800 m. The track offers a run-in of around 600 m with a steady include. The downhill run is 600 m, and horses that do well in sprints generally favour the uphill 1,200 m and all races.


Kenilworth is one of South Africa’s left-handed tracks, which makes it unique. This reasonably new track is 2,800 m and with a run-in of 450 m, while it is mostly used for racing in winter. The first climb of the route is 200 m there is also rise at the end of the track of 200 m, and this tests the horse ability to remain fast to the end. The horses that do well at Kenilworth are those who do well across middle distances or those who enjoy sprints.


Lots of races also take place on the pear-shaped rack of Greyville, which hosts the run of the year in March. Horses and jockeys with the ability to do great in Greyville usually also like racing on Turf. Horse race betting remains one of the most popular sports betting options in the country and has been for many years. Most bettors use a formula that includes statistics of previous races, the jockeys weight, experience and trainers.

Royal Show Most Exciting Events

Royal Show in Pietersburg features three of the National Championships. These include Hampshire Down, Border Leicester and Suffolk, the Royal Show competition, recognized as the most critical event.

Outdoor Expo

Sat, 01 – Sun, 02 Jun 2019 – OutdoorX – Vereeniging – OutdoorX is featuring Global Exhibitions, highly-entertaining activities and Live Entertainment for all ages. Around 50,000 visitors are welcomed, and more than 500 exhibitors attend this show. No entry fees are listed, and the event takes place from 09:00 am up to around 06:00 pm.

Confidence Seminar

Sat, 01 – Sun, 02 Jun 2019 – Breakthrough Experience Conference in Johannesburg – Learn How to be inspired and face your Challenges – Both Training and Educational Value Up to 50 exhibitors and up to 1,000 delegates. Start at 07:00 pm up to 9:30 pm. Any asset continues to give long after the initial investment after the purchase date. Dr John Demartini talks about money-back guarantees and how you can live up to transforming your life. Gain control back over your mind, manage emotions and feel inspired.

Beauty and Fashion Fair

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 – Beauty Trade Fair in Durban – Beauty and cosmetic products at the industry fair. The event features a business platform and network for beauty products, clothing, fashion, handicrafts, gifts and packaging.

Garden Expo

Wed, 05 – Fri, 07 Jun 2019 – Hermanus – Nursery Association Convention – Ensuring positive growth across all levels in the green industry. Categories include environment waste, training and education. Up to 100 delegates, convention starts at 09:00 am and will last till 06:00 pm.

SPAR Wine Show

Thursday 08 June – Tops SPAR Wine Show – Johannesburg, Biggest Try and then Buy Wine event – Paid entry. Tops are considered the largest and most important wine event in the city. It takes place at Monte Casino, the most popular tourist and entertainment destination in Johannesburg. It attracts the most massive audience in Gauteng and remains one of the most successful wine shows apart from Cape Town or as many calls it the Winelands. Around 5,500 visitors are expected, and the number of exhibitors is estimated at 500.

Growth Conference

Business growth exploring during the all-day event. Experienced speakers. Staring at 08:00, this full-day event will end at 06:00 pm. Up to 1,000 delegates will be excepted, and it allows for 50 exhibitors on the day.

Cannabis Expo

Thursday 06 June up to the 9th of June – Durban Cannabis Expo – Starting at 10:00 am this expo will continue until 6:00 pm. It is the perfect trade show and the media is welcomed. The expected number of visitors is estimated at around 18,000, and more than 110 exhibitors have already booked. The event takes place quarterly, and it requires payment of an entry fee.

£100,000 Spent on London Stadium

Most countries in the world are blamed for not utilising their sports stadiums, most of the South African sports stadiums used for the 2010 Word Cup needs urgent attention. There is currently no plan announced by the government to spend any money on the sports stadiums.

In London, the tables are turned, and the London Stadium bosses are criticised for spending money on the stadiums, not their own money but that of the Taxpayers. £100,000 was paid by the body that is responsible for running the stadium in London; the money was used to develop a communication strategy for the stadium. The problem is that the stadium already has three senior communications staff, and these are paid over £260,000 in total.

£100,000 Spent Will Avoid Higher Costs in Future

LLDC the London Legacy Development Corporation lost over £20 million in the past year and is now criticised for their way of spending the cash from the taxpayers. The LLDC argues that the £100,000 spent will assist in avoiding higher costs later, plus this was a one-off project.

£4 Million Spent on Legal Costs in Dispute with West Ham United

The detailed LLDC expenditure figures published in mid-2018 showed that the organisation funded by taxpayers showed expensed of contracts over £5,000. The LLDC also had an expense worth £4 million on legal cost during a dispute with West Ham United. This lengthy court case started in December; political director James Roberts was disappointed to learn that the LLDC did not do everything possible to keep all costs to a minimum.

2018 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Campaign £32,000

Instead, the LLDC went the opposite direction and splashed out taxpayers cash on the most expensive PR strategies as well as pointless gasps including award ceremonies and then kicked off at West Ham regarding the costs. There is no arguing from taxpayers against the rule that LLDC urgently need to get their expense in order. The 2018 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park campaign in the summer got the LLDC to spent £32,000 on buying services and media planning, while the London Stadium, it’s security and catering for the last year awards of East Works came to £19,650.

Do the LLDC Operates within their Yearly Budget

The spokesman for the LLDC says that the organisation has many responsibilities and requires specialist services. All the contracts that are more than £5,000 are published and audited, and the LLDC operates well within the agreed budgets available to it. The £100,000 that is spent on an outside contractor to create a communication strategy started when the post of the director of communication was vacant, and it was also during the period when the LLCD faced multiple legal actions.

The once-off project involves development and research that is part of a strategy to avoid expensive court cases and to offer information to inform the retail strategy. E20, the owners of the London Stadium’s are a subsidiary of LLDC and at year-end dated the 31st of March 2018 reported losses to the value of $22.7 million. Sadiq Kahn, the mayor of London, said he would take control of the situation to reduce the losses, that was back in 2017 when the stadium finances were reviewed.