South African Homeless Forced into Pretoria Soccer Stadium

Soldiers throughout South Africa have become aggressive towards locals amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This follows after the President of South Africa allowed for extreme measures to be imposed by local governments. Video footage from April 1st and onwards reveal armoured personnel carriers with weaponized soldiers. Airhorns scream to “Go Home Immediately”, with those not listening being arrested or physically harmed.

The South African Government didn’t consider the overwhelming number of homeless individuals in their nation. Young men, woman and children living on the street of Johannesburg walked from their hidden quarters to see the commotion. Some were interviewed on their future, with a homeless man expressing that COVID-19 will be deadly for the homeless community. They don’t have the luxuries of paid healthcare or respectable living quarters, increasing their chances of receiving this virus. Johannesburg isn’t the only city facing these issues. Multiple jurisdictions across South Africa are overwhelmed with homeless communities.

The significant divide between South Africa’s wealthy and poor was made evident during the first day of lockdown. SA is considered an unequal society, with racism and poverty running rampant. Those losing in notable suburbs have experienced an overwhelming increase of robberies from the homeless community. Deaths have followed with Suburban Communities forced into a three week self-isolation period. Their opponents sometimes outmatch those defending their property.

The Fallout

Increasing crime rates prompted the Johannesburg Law Enforcement to locate 1000+ homeless individuals in their region. They were sent to an abandoned soccer stadium in Pretoria, the Capital of South Africa. Individuals most likely infected with COVID-19 were forced into conditions were self-isolation was possible. Tents were provided for sleeping quarters, with those meant to manage three individuals at most. Ten homeless individuals are being forced into a single tent, defeating the purpose of self-isolation.

Those refusing to live in these tents have gone towards the bleachers, which risks the chance of being robbed or murdered. It’s created a breeding ground for death, with reporters claiming that the South African Government are condemning these men to death. There aren’t any medical supplies available to these homeless individuals, with drugs also running rampant. Dealers can be seen entering and leaving the facility regularly.

Jamie Roberts returns to the United Kingdom

Rugby athletes globally have been returning home following the Covid-19 Pandemic. This has now extended towards Jamie Roberts, who has been located in South Africa for a prolonged period. He’d initially been expected to remain self-isolated in Cape Town but after new travel restrictions were implemented, the 33 Years of Age Rugby Star returned home.

He flew from South Africa to England several hours before SA would enter their lockdown. These unprecedented times are forcing millions worldwide to alter their daily plans, with Jamie Roberts now unable to compete for Super Rugby’s “Stormers”. Ten games were completed throughout his contract with the Stormers before Super Rugby postponed their season. South Africa is now in an official lockdown period until April 15th.

Providing Accommodations for NHS Staff

Jamie Roberts celebrity across the United Kingdom grew exponentially throughout the last two weeks. He began offering his “Flat” in Cardiff to medical works with the National Health Service. This property is typically rented for weekly visits at $2,500.00. Providing free boarding to NHS Volunteers, Doctors or Nurses comes as a significant loss for the athlete. When questioned on why he’s donating the Flat until the Covid-19 pandemic is over, Jamie Roberts expressed that it’s better to be used by our heroes than some random individual.

Reporters requested if anybody was currently staying in the Cardiff Flat, where Jamie Roberts mentioned that an Emergency Doctor started staying there on Friday. Upwards of six individuals can live in this Cardiff Flat, with Roberts wanting to switch-out the workers every two weeks. It should be mentioned that this Rugby Star was previously trained as a professional doctor, having 3+ years of experience in the medical field. It’s not surprising that he’d support his previous community.

The Stormers

It hasn’t been confirmed if Jamie Roberts will return with the South African Stormers. There’s the chance that postponed seasons with both the British Rugby League and Super Rugby will force his respective contracts to be altered. The British & Irish Lions have priority control over Roberts future, meaning that SA would lose out on this formidable talent. It’ll be one of the countless fallouts associated with Covid-19.

Kaizer Chiefs Request Supporters Practice Social Distancing

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic is forcing sporting associations, medical experts and large-scale corporations to warn their respective supporters to practice social distancing measures. The latest sporting association to request emergency measures were the Kaizer Chiefs with the South African Premier League. This request followed after the number of confirmed cases rose above two hundred. Fifty-one of these cases were established in 24 hours. It should be mentioned that Kaizer Chiefs stand as number one in the league’s standings, with the postponement of the season and training potentially affecting their outcome. The more that supporters practice social distancing, the faster that the South African Premier League can re-start.

Representatives with the Kaizer Chiefs provided a public statement through their website. They encouraged that social distancing is implemented, with their respective mass gatherings being limited to 100 supporters. It was also noted that stringent measures to ensure the limited exposure of Covid-19 must be performed by all sporting organizations holding small-scale venues. Kaizer Chiefs finished their remarks by expressing that the wellbeing of supporters is the most important thing moving forward. They urged citizens to trust the government guidelines and implement hygiene protocols for the safety of their overall community.


March 19th marked the date that South Africa Premier League officials confirmed the league would be taking a delay. Fears surrounding the Covid-19 has forced the immediate closure of football across South Africa for an unspecified period. Whenever the league is re-instated, the Kaizer Chiefs will stand four-points ahead of their competitors. It’ll provide them with a severe advantage and potentially enable them to win the championship. Officials confirmed that the close-out of 2020s season would commence before August.

The South African Premier League officially stated that the safety of local communities is more important that maintaining the 2020 season. Decisions were made after discussions were held between the Board of Governors and the PSL Executive Committee. It should be noted that this decision was supported by the National Government, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Health and the South African Police Service. We also stand by this decision and recommend our readers implement social distancing measures.

South Africa ODI Series Terminated

Supporters behind the Indian Premier League were disappointed to learn that the remaining ODIs with South Africa have been terminated. Individuals that purchased tickets for these Kolkata and Lucknow venues will be provided refunds immediately. This cancellation of these events follows after the increased spread of COVID-19, with the Indian Premier League also being postponed until April 15th.

The announcement that these ODI matches would be terminated came after a cancelled game in Dharamshala, which was prompted by severe weather. Supporters of this ODI Series were provided insurances that the Cricket Control Board of India will converse with the CSA to guarantee this 3-Match ODI Series is rescheduled. An official statement was provided through a public press conference, with the CCBI noting that the safety of supporters and the overall cricket community has become their top priority. This announcement also indicated that South African Punters would play this revised series in India, making them the opposing team on an away series.

It should be mentioned that this decision was made more in benefit of South African citizens and players. Throughout India, there has been an excessive level of confirmed cases, which stand at eight-one. Similar protocols were enforced with the England Versus Sri Lanka Test Series, with all punters being informed to return home for self-isolation. Its unknown is these three matches will be rescheduled.

Dedicated supporters aren’t shocked to learn about the cancellation, with multiple protocols already having been enforced throughout this ODI Series. Players have informed not the shake hands and not to share equipment, which extended to warnings to the pitchers not to use saliva for additional grip. After considerable delegations with medical experts, it was determined that these actions aren’t enough to guarantee public safety with the coronavirus.

Protection Methods

Personal Hygiene Protocols have been implemented through the Cricket South Africa Association. The Cricket Control Board of India is enforcing similar strategies. It’s being recommended that individuals wash their hands with soap for twenty-seconds. This extends to additional warnings to use hand sanitizer, cover mouths when coughing and reporting any potential fevers or coughs. Medical experts have also suggested that global citizens don’t touch their face and avoid eating public food going forward.

Coronavirus Disturbing South African Sports

The third confirmed case of the coronavirus has been reported throughout South Africa. This individual was married to the man first infected with the disease. Medical officials expect that this South African party of travellers will all collect the coronavirus, with a total of ten individuals travelling to Italy. This nation has become one of the most affected worldwide, with travel restrictions being implemented to ensure limited exposure with spreading.

Nurses & Doctors have been seen wearing various forms of protective gear in these outbreak locations. Medical experts throughout China have faced death as well, with analysts expecting similar situations will occur throughout Italy. It should be noted that Italy has experienced the highest rate of fatalities with the COVID-19 virus. Throughout the entire planet, there have been more than 3500 people killed, with 105+ thousand infected globally. This is less than a 3% death rate, which is why associations like the World Health Organization and Centre of Disease Control is urging the public not to panic.

South Africa Authorities provided details regarding the increased outbreak, expressing that all ten individuals affected with the coronavirus have been located. All members are being forced to commit daily tests for the next two weeks, which has become the standard with the coronavirus. These safe authorities suspect that these ten individuals potentially came into contract with 100+ people since returning home. This could create an expansive level of spreading, which would force South African Authorities to cancel numerous events in this country.


There haven’t been any confirmed cancellations for sporting events across South Africa. Sporting analysts are beginning to speculate that various Cricket and Football venues will be terminated in the next several days. These two sports are the most popular in SA, prompting thousands to attend various events weekly. Refusing to cancel these venues would create a substantial rate of spreading, forcing possibly thousands to acquire this virus strain. We highly recommend that our readers in South Africa begin protecting themselves with the necessary gear. We’ll keep you informed with any updates on the coronavirus in South Africa.

Temba Bavuma Sustains Hamstring Injury

South Africa will have to go it alone without Temba Bavuma when it heads into the T20 Internationals final in Wednesday at Newlands against Australia on Wednesday. Bavuma continues to struggle with a hamstring injury and so far has not participated in any of their matches after he was injured at Centurion in a match against England.

Bavuma, who was first expected only to be out for the opening match against Australia was hoping to return when they mat the Aussies for a second time in Sunday in Port Elizabeth on Sunday. However, he was unable and Reeza Hendricks, his Lions teammate, was brought in to replace him. 

Another who has missed multiple matches due to injury is Australia’s Heinrich Klaasen, a wicketkeeper. He has not played for the country since the T20I final against England, a match that saw him walking away with a career-best 69. South Africa, however, has been posting big numbers throughout the tournament, even against England, its rivals and a big part of that success has come from Captain Quinton de Kock and of course, Bavuma and he being out could put the country in peril.

Together, the two have twice had solid performances over 50, and in their match against Australia, de Kock has been able to hold it together even while working without Bavuma. One of those that filled in was Rassie van der Dussen, who played the first match but didn’t end as favourable, the second was With Hendricks, which nailed 60-runs but it mostly came as a result of de Kock.

Proteas Performance Declining

Proteas performance is in decline over the last few matches, and the captain seems unable to find a reason for it after South African lost on Wednesday. To date, the hosts have only been successful outplaying Australia and were down 97 runs in the final T20 International.

This was the second home series loss in this format and in terms on margins for victory, one that only England has experienced/ Speaking on the heavy loss and performance by the Proteas, de Kock said; “To be honest, I’m not too sure. It was just another blowout. It wasn’t good enough doing it twice in one series but we’ve got to have a good look at ourselves and ask some honest questions. 

Australian’s Expecting Verbal Abuse at T20 International

The T20 International Tournament in South Africa is slated to begin in the coming days. Sporting analysts, athletes and coaching staff are already mentally preparing themselves for the onslaught of racist behaviour. South African viewers have become infamous in recent years for expressing ignorant and abusive comments towards Caucasian athletes. This is why Aaron Finch from the Australian National Team has promised to ignore the racist behaviour, to represent his nation with pride.

White tourists from Australia are concerned with attending this venue, with verbal taunts towards their stadium presence becoming stronger each year. It’s prompted lower visitation numbers from international supporters, with most of these South Africans recalling the “Sandpaper Scandal”. This crisis created a formidable fallout for the Australians, with Steve Smith being forced to resign his captaincy. This extended to David Warren and Cameron Bancroft, who faced significant backlash but remained with the Australians. Security forces are being amplified to account for the safety of Warren and Cameron, as well as all other players with the Australian cricket team.

Aaron Finch Speaks Out

 The new captain for the Australian Cricket Team spoke to reporters regarding the T20 International. He expressed that South African supporters are passionate, regardless of their surroundings or the local law enforcement. Our team expects that abusive comments will be uttered, and David Warren loves the banter anyways. Aaron Finch mentioned that visitors in the stands can act in any manner but that they won’t cave to their comments. Aaron Finch will use the assistance of coaching staff to keep all team members calm and level-headed. All players with the Australians that remained after the Sandpaper Scandal will use each other for inspiration to strengthen their resolve on the field.

The Head Coach, Justin Langer, also spoke with Australian reporters on the upcoming competition. He mentioned that all three players returned to the team without any difficulties, integrating into the new strategies with professionalism in mind. Justin noted that good work has been done and that they’re ready to prove themselves to South African supporters. Langer did express that the last tour was challenging for Aaron Finch and David Warren but that he’s proud of their behaviour following the scandal. Justin Langer finished his statements by mentioning sporting analysts and South Africans shouldn’t count the Australians out as they’ll compete harder than ever at the 2020 T20 International. 

Crusaders vs. Highlanders; Super Rugby Game on Friday

Rugby is one of the most celebrated games in the world. The Super Rugby League 2020 has already started and rugby enthusiasts are looking forward to a number of interesting rugby matches to watch. One of the matches that have been in the limelight for a long time is Crusaders vs. Highlanders. There is a lot of craze in rugby enthusiasts for this match and the rugby online betting market is full with bets on both the teams.

Highlanders Team:

The head coach of Highlanders Jamie Joseph announced the name of the starting XV who will play against Crusaders Friday afternoon. The match will be played at the Whitestone
Contracting Stadium in Oamaru at 4:30 pm NZT.

The match will be the second pre-season game for both- Crusaders and Highlanders. Highlanders played at the chiefs in Taupe last weekend, but the team for the upcoming game has major changes. This time, Tony Woodcock, Ma’a Nonu, and Aaron Smith will get a chance to play and their names are in the starting XV.

The names of the team players for Highlanders include:

  1. Tony Woodcock
  2. Brayden Mitchell
  3. Ma’afu Fia
  4. Brad Thorn
  5. Jarrad Hoeata
  6. Joe Wheeler
  7. John Hardie
  8. Elliot Dixon
  9. Aaron Smith
  10. Lima Sopoaga
  11. Hosea Gear (c)
  12. Ma’a Nonu
  13. Phil Burleigh
  14. Kade Poki
  15. Buxton Popoalii

Brayden Mitchell will play at hooker which is a major change. Jarrad Hoeata will join the lock and Brad Thorn and Joe Wheeler will be shifted from lock to blindside.


Crusaders appear to be fully prepared for the upcoming game. They are having sessions regularly to win the Blues. There is no change in the tight five but other changes are significant. Whetukamokamo Douglas is injured and Tom Sanders is being shifted to No. 8. Cullen Grace will play his first game and is added to the blindside.

The team players name for the game includes:

1. Joe Moody

2.   Codie Taylor (VC)

3.   Oliver Jager

4.   Scott Barrett (C)

5.   Mitchell Dunshea

6.   Cullen Grace

7.   Tom Christie

8.   Tom Sanders

9.   Bryn Hall

10. Richie Mo’unga

11. George Bridge

12. Jack Goodhue

13. Braydon Ennor

14. Sevu Reece

15. David Havili (VC)

Both the teams have also announced their reserves as well and the teams appear fully prepared. The match will be an exciting match as both the teams are in full form.

South Africa to Enter Six Nations Tournament

Supporters of international rugby on the Southern Hemisphere have begun to express their confusion and disarray towards the concept of South Africa joining the Six Nations Tournament. This would force the international rugby outfit to leave the SANZAAR Tourney by 2024, with multiple supporters in South Africa noting that it’d be detrimental for local rugby. Chances that this decision will be altered are minimal, with the Springboks having determined they’ll become the seventh outfit and turn this championship into the “Seven Nations Tournament”. It would see South Africa compete against Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Great Britain. Individuals close to this agreement have expressed that things are falling smoothly into place and that 2024 is in sight.

The SANZAAR Alliance would lose one of their most notable outfits with the confirmation that this agreement is moving forward. It’d mean that Argentina, Australia and New Zealand would be the remaining nations engaging with this international rugby competition. It’d also mean an odd number, which would force SANZAAR to locate another country willing to participate in the Southern Hemisphere. It should be noted that the SANZAAR Alliance was first founded by South Africa, with Australia and New Zealand’s rugby unions following. This decision is considered disrespectful to the individuals that founded SANZAAR in 1995.

The Main Concern is Profits

It’s been rumoured through newspaper outlets for a prolonged period that an alliance between South Africa’s and Europe’s rugby unions would be inevitable. This decision is being made entirely based on money, with the Springboks having greater access to global television audiences with more favourable time zones. Organizations like the All Blacks earn millions yearly in revenue from retail products, with Springbok owners wanting to acquire similar valuations from team gear. Analysts are concerned that this decision could be unsafe for players with the Springboks, as racism towards African Americans in European sporting leagues has grown exponentially over the last two years. Seeming them enter the Six Nations Tournament could see substantial backlash towards the players. Greed isn’t worth violence.

Denying that this agreement isn’t almost finalized is foolish. The Springboks are entering final conversations for broadcasting agreements, which would remain active until 2030. This would immediately guarantee South Africa’s presence into the Six Nations Tournament for three years. Their presence alone means an alteration to this teams’ name; it’ll be hard to avoid any backlash. 

Inclusion of Native Africa in Sports Fuels Anger

The historical alterations occurring in South Africa’s national sports are coming quickly. The demand for more Native Africans to play in their respective league is growing across South Africa. However, for a prolonged period, it’s been celebrated to operate Rugby or Cricket teams that excluded Non-White players. The South African Government has tried to resolve this issue, demanding selection quotes that would require five national Africans to be employed.

The South African Cricket and Rugby National Teams have refused to abide by the new legislation. It’s increasing the level of frustration amongst Non-White sports fans in South Africa, who are demanding changes or will begin to boycott these respective sports. Considering that South Africa is primarily of darker skin tones, these individuals boycotting Rugby and Cricket would prompt substantial losses in profits. Thando Manana, one of the former Rugby Players of African descent, expressed that people won’t accept the racial imbalance anymore.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, a group of radicalized terrorists of African descent, have publicly expressed this growing animosity towards the ignorance displayed by national teams. Considered a political party and movement, the EFF maintains 10.8% of the national voters, which is regarded as the working class. Their actions have been violent and disruptive to the South African economy, with the European Union and the United States deeming them a terrorist cell. It should be noted that the Economic Freedom Fighters began after police killed forty-seven mineworkers for no apparent reason. Retaliation to these deaths has been severe, with multiple attacks against standard political parties being relevant since 2012.

The Racism in South Africa

Throughout the last decade, Non-White citizens in South Africa have opposed a coloured or mixed-race culture. They’ve demanded that an all-black society be proposed, with the white population being attacked regularly. Previous leaders have information the 80% of African-decent citizens in South Africa to murder and steal the land of the white people. It’s prompted significant concerns for the safety of white citizens, which is not extending to famous Caucasian athletes. Deaths could ensure if alterations aren’t made to the Rugby and Cricket national squads.