Wayde Van Niekerk Contracts COVID-19

The South African World Record Holder for the 400 Metre Dash has contracted COVID-19. Wayde van Niekerk’s Manager announced that he’d tested positive for the virus before arriving in Italy for an event. This damper Wayde’s athletic adventures in 2020, which had already been limited with the earlier announcement that the Tokyo Summer Olympics had been postponed by twelve months.

This action of postponement forced the Olympic Qualifying Placements to be reverted. Countless athletes have resumed regular competitions, hoping to regain their placement in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics. Wayde van Niekerk became affected by this change, while also having to face an onslaught of new legislation that apply towards Olympic Qualifying. It’d deterred his chanced amongst countless other athletes from obtaining goals they’d initially acquired before the Olympic Committee decided to postpone. The final nail in Wayde van Niekerk’s coffin was the contraction of COVID-19. It’ll be impossible for him to compete in two upcoming events, limiting his chances at Olympic contention.

The 13th Triveneto Meeting would’ve marked the return of Wayde van Niekerk’s return to international athletics. Still, the World Record Holder for the 400 Metre Dash, this South African Runner hasn’t been since in competition since 2017. An unexpected & horrific injury prompted three years of physical therapy. Thousands throughout South Africa were excited to see their World Record Holder return, only to feel disappointment & sadness upon learning of his COVID-19 positive test.

Shock & Acceptance

Wayde van Niekerk clarified that he’s asymptomatic & is expected to recover within the standard fourteen-day period. The South African Runner remains in a positive mindset, hoping for the best. Wayde’s Manager has expressed shock that his athlete contracted the virus. Peet Van Zyl didn’t believe that perfected athletes could contract the virus, clearly not aware of all scientific evidence regarding COVID-19.

It’s unknown when Wayde van Niekerk will return after contracting the virus. International athletics has been disrupted in ways that’ve never before been seen. Matches that are held yearly are outright cancelled. Regardless, South Africa will continue to stand behind their World Record Holder.

The Asymptomatic condition of Wayde Van Niekerk could prompt looming medical problems, possibly forcing the athlete to retire from international competitions. This won’t be known for months after Niekerk is backing running the 400-Metre dash in dozens of races through 2020-21. We will provide our readers with updates on the condition of Wayde Van Niekerk when new revelations are made.

Kaunda Ntunja Passes Away

South Africa lost one of their notable commentators for professional rugby, with the family of Kaunda Ntunja announcing his death at 38. The announcement came on July 20th & saddened the professional community, as Kaunda Ntunja was a Captain with the South African Cheetahs for a short period. Playing throughout the 2005 Season, he’d stand amongst a Currie-Cup winning team that would inevitably lead to a notable commentating role. This included the “Xhosa Commentary Duo of Zizi & Dabane”.

Tando Ntunja, the sister of Kaunda, informed the press through social media to limit public appearances. The official statement clarified that their family remains in shock & a deep sadness. However, Tando explained that Kaunda died in East London, Eastern Cape. His sister emphasized that their trying to come to terms with the tragic news & have requested for the discretion of media officials while her brother is laid to rest.

South African Media resisted the concept of discretion, with speculation on his death occurring since the 20th. Sports commentators close with Kaunda Ntunja remarked his health upon their last meeting before lockdown protocols were implemented. It’d lead to some thinking that Kaunda Ntunja could’ve died from COVID-19. No official cause of death has been released & fans of the former Cheetahs Captain shouldn’t take these rumours as reality. Tando Ntunja will issue the cause of death when appropriate.

The Mourning of a Community

Kaunda Ntunja revolutionized rugby history in South African, becoming the 1st Black School Captain. He led a team that included MJ Mentz and Ricky Januarie, both of whom would become World Rugby Cup Champions. The South African Rugby Association provided an official statement on the death of Kaunda Ntunja, remarking their sadness & sentiments for the Ntunja family.

SARA remarked that Kaunda Ntunja was a pioneer of professional rugby, that his passing is untimely & far too early at 38 years-of-age. This man influenced future decades of professional black rugby players, with him becoming the first SA School Captain of African descent. When younger and more athletic, Kaunda acquired a Currie-Cup Championship. Then when everyone thought his career had ended, Mr Ntunja would define SA SuperSport with groundbreaking commentary.

South African Football Leagues at Odds

Political tensions between the first football leagues operating in South African & it’s governing association have grown tenfold in recent weeks. The SA Premier Soccer League has grown impatient & angry with the South African Football Association, which refuses to permit their resuming of operations during the continued battle against COVID-19. It’s not the first time these two entities have attacked each other publicly during the coronavirus. Concerns over salaries last month saw their previous display of verbal assaults.

The South African Football Association was targeted by the Premier Soccer League, which claimed that SAFA Personnel were forcibly delaying their seasonal restart for financial gain. SAFA responded immediately towards PSL accusations, indicating that Referees must first conduct “Fitness & Coronavirus Testing” before permission to govern over matches is granted. Details clarified that two weeks are required to perform these tests, maintaining a restart for August 1st.

Public arguments since March 2020 have led Premier League Soccer supporters to presume turmoil against the South African Football Association was growing to severe. Their concerns regarded a possible fallout for the 2019/2020 PSL Season, which had nearly finalized its seasonal events before the coronavirus outbreak. Significant losses would’ve been seen from a twelve-month cancellation, prompting possible teams to draw out from further league contentions. Hearing otherwise has provided relief to millions of South African soccer supporters.

Even with the most recent public arguments, the government response wasn’t possible. The South African Football Association has authority over the Premier Soccer League. Even with government personnel limiting lockdown measures & resuming the economy, SAFA Personnel has forced a prolonged delay, citing safety concerns. Politicians cannot intervene with delays following the “National Sport and Recreation Act”, which states that the administration of sport cannot be sustained through government involvement.

PSL Left Standing with Head Between Their Legs

The Premier Soccer League in South Africa hasn’t responded to SAFAs August 1st return date. SAFA Personnel calling the bluff of their PSL Managers could leave them in disarray towards what should publicly be said next. Some analysts speculate that PSL Players Association Representatives are negotiating with the SAFA on when training camps can resume. The hope is sometime during July, but the exact date remains unknown.

Cricket South Africa Stands with BLM Movement

The South African National Cricket Team made a formal announcement regarding their position with the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. The Chief Executive Officer of Cricket South Africa informed the international community that this stand in solidarity with this movement. Considering that South Africa’s population is 80% black, this sentiment has been known for decades.

The CSAs press release suggested their organization was founded on Non-Racist Principles, creating an inclusive environment for all African descendants. Jacques Faul didn’t remark similar sentiments towards the Caucasian Community, which accounts for 8.6% of the South African population. Unlike the United States of America & their suffrage against black communities, the same levels of racism against Caucasians have been seen in South America. 

Jacques Faul focused on the Black Lives Matter Movement, suggesting that Cricket South Africa has supported Black Champions for decades & are the ethos of this movement. His sentiments are borderline ignorant, with South African Cricketers not having to experience the level of racism seen against Black Americans. Their lives haven’t been dampened by systemic racism on all levels of society, creating opportunistic moments daily. They were incentivizing that their the ethos of the Black Lives Matter Movement shows a lack of knowledge regarding realities of this issue.

Cricket South Africa CEO promises no discrimination

The Cricket South Africa CEO promised local populations that they’ll work towards educating civilians on discrimination. Political analysts were quick to dispute these claims from Jacques Faul, suggesting that the Chief Executive Officer is trying to garner a sharp public image for the CSA amongst international communities. Actions of educating South African populations on Black discrimination is foolish, with their nation inherently maintained by the Black community at 80% of the population.

Jacques Faul finalized his statements to news outlets in South Africa by remarking that CSA Cricketers will assist with the “Nelson Mandela International Celebrations Day”. Coming on July 18th, they’ll use this day to spread the message of Anti-Racism in black communities. Considering that Nelson Mandela stood for this same movement in decades past, nobody backlashed against the Cricket South Africa CEO on this announcement. 

New Head of Athletic Performance Hired for Springboks

Aled Walters departed from the South African Springboks earlier in 2020, with details regarding his termination as “Head of Athletic Performance” being made public through social media. Aled Walters left the SA Springboks to join Leicester, the former European Rugby Champions. Springboks PR Representatives didn’t hesitate to announce his replacement, with that role being granted to Andy Edwards.

Andy Edwards is downgrading his coaching position, leaving the Saracens in Europe. This isn’t the first time that the Springboks have inquired a European Head Coach, with their strategies & insights often more beneficial than South African Trainers. This is pure because of the associated finances thrown towards European Rugby, which sustains billions of Euros across the Union.

The announcement that Andy Edwards is becoming the Springboks Head of Athletic Performance overshadowed the confirmation that Rassie Erasmus is becoming the Director of Ruby. Sentiments towards Rassie were minimal, with public conversations regarding Andy Edwards. Even Erasmus himself was questioned by reporters on the potential of Edwards, with Rassie clarifying that Andy brings an exceptional level of knowledge. This knowledge is sustained through a lengthy career in England and Europe.

Rassie Erasmus iterated that top-rated members recommend Andy Edwards in the South African Rugby Community. This follows after international success has been garnered by Edwards, highlighting a sustainable record that transcends multiple outfits in various Rugby leagues. It should be mentioned that this won’t be the first time that Andy Edwards has engaged with South African Rugby Players.

The History of Andy Edwards

Andy Edwards previously trained the England Saxons – South African Division Team, with this taking place during the 2016 International European Championship. The Saxons employed Edwards into the Technical Division, which shocked most after this coach had previously acquired three European Championships with the Saracens.

Heading the Springboks marks Edwards return to a leadership position, which most suspect will translate towards a championship win. It’s unknown when Edwards will begin coaching Springbok Players, with COVID-19 continually enforcing delays onto their 2020 start. The plan, for now, is to resume South African Rugby by August 8th, which some suspect won’t be possible under the current conditions of COVID-19.

2020 Spar Women’s 10Km Challenge Cancelled

The Nelson Mandela Bay in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and three other locations in South Africa won’t be permitted to host the “Spar Women’s 10Km Challenge”. This follows after organizers clarified that these Running Grand Prix’s could not be organised because of concerns for COVID-19. Six races that were slated for June to October are now terminated & won’t resume until 2021. Competing athletes have expressed their disappointment towards the cancellation, with those individuals hoping that the outbreak would’ve concluded by this point.

Kesa Molotsane from South Africa mentioned her shock & devastation that COVID-19 is stopping thousands of athletic women to not compete in their nations most popular event. Kesa clarified that the sadness of thousands would be turned into bravery & strength, then repositioned towards next years venue. Considering that African Nations survive off the backbone of their woman, these sentiments are accurate & will show their genuine adversity during the pandemic.

Rena Kalmer, Champion of the Spar Women’s 10Km Challenge, expresses her disappointment towards all six venues being terminated. She noted that COVID-19 hasn’t been easy for athletes worldwide, forcing them out of their athletic lifestyles. Thousands of South African Women were applauding the opportunity to compete in long-distance running, meaning the loss of these Grand Prix’s is significant. Rena Kalmer did clarify that the steps initiated by organizers are for the best, ensuring that athletes & Spar personnel aren’t subjugated to this virus. Sentiments from Rena Kalmer ended by noting everyone wants safer environments & will look forward to the Grand Prix’s of 2021.

Public Statement

Mike Prentice, the Marketing Executive for Spar Group, confirmed that organizers are working towards improving next years Grand Prix’s. These remarks came after Prentice expressed his disappointment towards cancelling contracts with sponsors. The Marketing Executive didn’t focus on athletic personalities, instead of mentioning that mass participation of sponsors will be influential for 2021. Mike Prentice finished his public statement by confirming government assistance will be engaged to ensure Spar 2021 is held in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and other South African Cities. The Spar Group could find themselves having to implement similar cancellations in 2021. Nations like South Africa aren’t expected to receive COVID-19 Vaccines for 12+ months.

Fantasy League Betting Arrives in South Africa

Sports betting is growing tenfold throughout South Africa, with digital operators entering the industry in hopes of gaining priority market share. The latest company that has launched its products in South Africa is Fantasy Sports Interactive, which has released the Hollywoodbets Sportsbook. This brand is well known in other jurisdictions like Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Mozambique. Hollywoodbets is known for offering Fixed-Odds on Fantasy Sports in South Africa, which has never been provided in this region. It’s expected that because of their unique betting environment, Hollywoodbets will obtain a 13% to 20% market share.

The products provided by Fantasy Sports Interactive through Hollywoodbets isn’t exclusive to fantasy sports. Standard products maintained with digital sportsbooks are provided, with this extending to Horse Race Betting as well. This diverse experience has maintained a consistent volume of bettors, where those with sustainable skillsets can win large quantities of money. Players in South Africa will find themselves waiting 24 to 48 hours for their payouts, which is the standard under Hollywoodbets.

Punters have the capability to developer their desired fantasy team, with that individual being provided hundreds of millions in spending money. It should be mentioned that the amount of finances awarded is dependent on how much is deposited into accounts. Lower deposits mean that fantasy teams won’t have secure, reliable, and consistent players. Multiple professional sports are permitted with these fantasy leagues & stands sports betting options.

Those include:

  • Tennis
  • Esports
  • Golf
  • Aussie Rules
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Floorball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Snooker
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Futsal
  • MMA
  • Netball
  • Table Tennis

Detailed statistics regarding each player acquired will be provided. Those statistics can be used with standard sportsbook products, with it being required that consumers wager on both platforms to enable this feature. Attributes of this nature have enabled Hollywoodbets to sustain popularity for a prolonged period in the United Kingdom & Ireland. Replicating that level of growth & activity won’t be challenging for Fantasy Sports Interactive. They’ve become proficient in sustaining growth in new markets by offering desirable promotions & reliable services. Register today with Hollywoodbets – South Africa to obtain a welcome bonus and start your first fantasy league.

Recalling the 2010 South African World Cup

One decade has passed since the FIFA World Cup was held in South African, with financial analysts still questioning if spending billions was valuable to their economy. The majority of facilities created for the South African FIFA World Cup have become abandoned, decaying in their resting spots for inevitable deconstruction. This is unconventional for nations that support the World Cup or Olympics, with their facilities typically maintained for decades. For ten years, it’s been questioned if another country was better suited to host this event.

Falsified Facts Behind the Finances Spent

This international football venue cost the South African Government $3 Billion, with those funds being spent during a financially challenging period in the nation’s history. Social requirements were & are to this day backlogged. Social needs like Hospitals, Housing, Electricity, Internet, and Water continuously fail throughout South Africa. Those that organized the 2010 South African FIFA World Cup have contested that the legacy this venue brought upon their country was worth the billions spent.

Sentiments also indicate that government finances for social requirements weren’t perpetrated towards the development of these facilities, with South Africans receiving their necessities later that year. These remarks are inconsistent with accurate statistics released yearly for South African Essential Services. It’s not uncommon for power grids to shut down for a prolonged period, effecting other services like Internet & Hospital Assistance.

FIFAs South African Division claims that their nation wasn’t trusted to host this venue & proved international critics wrong. However, those statements are meant to distract naysayers from the reality that bribes were being maintained for a prolonged period. Years later those bribes would be revealed & significant punishments would ensue for the South African Football Association.

The Benefits

Infrastructure development for the South African FIFA World Cup provided some societal benefits to civilians. The airports & roads designed for catering to the needs of international guests are used today, with their aviation facility specifically boosting tourism for the last decade. It’s estimated that an average increase in tourist activity at 13.6% for South Africa is seen yearly. This has enabled its GDP to grow by 10%, accounting for more than $300 million in profits for South Africa.

Rumours on Khama Billiat Falsified

The business manager for one of the Kaizer Chief’s most notable midfield striker confirmed that his footballer wouldn’t be leaving this institution anytime soon. This follows after significant rumours regarding Khama Billiat’s placement with the Kaizer Chief’s coming to light over the last several days. Rumours indicated that Khama was being inquired by multiple clubs in the South African Premier League. With these rumours starting to become a national headline, it prompted Mike Ngobeni to clarify the situation on behalf of his client.

Khama Billiat originates from Zimbabwe & obtained his position with the Kaizer Chief’s in 2018, playing two formidable seasons for the 2020 series was postponed amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Playing at a Midfield Striker, Billiat has become a fan favourite of Kaizer Chief supporters over the last two seasons. Rumours suggested that Khama was pleased with the coaching staff, with these individuals being the core reason that the Kaizer Chiefs aren’t in 1st place. Mike Ngobeni disputed these suggestions, mentioning that there isn’t tension between Khama Billiat & the Kaizer Chiefs coaching staff.

Displaying formidable skillsets, towards the end of the 2019 season these individuals had begun limiting playtime for Khama Billiat. It came after the coaching staff was changed with the Kaizer Chiefs, bringing in Ernst Middendorf to train this South African Premier League Team. There’s a good chance that these two men are struggling to meet an accord after Ernst began favouring other players. Khama Billiat ultimately must abide by Middendorf’s demands, with the Zimbabwe Footballer not standing as a free agent.

The Agent Talks

Mike Ngobeni insists that Khama Billiat is pleased with his position at the Kaizer Chief. He noted that anybody wanting his Midfielder Striker hasn’t contacted him & can call immediately, upon which they’ll be referred to Ernst Middendorf for discussions. Mike did note that he understands these rumours, with Khama Billiat becoming a notable player over the last two years.

It should be noted that this footballer will reach his contracts end with the Kaizer Chiefs by 2021, leaving him as a free agent. It’s suspected that lower-grade teams will provide Khama Billiat will millions to assist their growth, a common tactic that often doesn’t garner any fruition.

Rokit Telecommunications Will Continue Sponsoring Sports

Motorsport partnerships worldwide are being terminated following the COVID-19 Pandemic. This extends towards Formula One, with Williams losing their title sponsorship with Rokit Telecommunications. Contract details between Rokit & Williams revealed this sponsorship was slated to end by November 2023. Breaking the contract three years before its completion could prompt lawsuits onto Rokit. However, declining revenue & poor performance from Williams F1 ultimately prompted the choices of Rokit Executives.

Claire Williams, the woman, known for destroying the legacy of Sir Frank Williams, didn’t provide insight into this terminated contract. It’s suspected that Rokit Executives ended their agreement after Williams Grand Prix Holdings Incorporated announced they’re selling a majority stake of their ownership. The downfall of Williams F1 followed after Claire took over for her father, Frank. This outfit would quickly become worst on the grid, losing an average of $15 million per season. It makes logistical sense for Rokit to pull out now.

Rokit Telecommunications hasn’t terminated their contracts with the Venturi Formula E Outfit, showing that this brand isn’t giving up on their advertisement growth through motorsports. Analysts speculate that Rokit will look towards another team in Formula One desiring sponsorship, which will be all remaining nine outfits after COVID-19. When questioned on why Rokit Executives made this decision, a spokesperson merely wished Williams F1 the best of luck moving forward. Remarks continued with Rokit Representatives noting their full commitment towards remaining partnerships in Motorsports.

Rokit in South Africa

South Africans are familiar with Rokit Telecommunications. Their mobile handsets have become known for offering premium components for the Low to Mid Range Markets. Their highest-grade device is named the “Rokit iOS Pro Three”. It’s been purchased by thousands of South Africans, giving them unique themes that related to Williams F1. Those themes could be terminated in the following week after this cancelled contract.

Owners obtain a 5.99” Full HD+ Touchscreen Display, Fingerprint Sensor, 64Gb of Internal Memory, Android Nine, 13Mp Rear Camera, 8Mp Front Camera, and 4G LTE Connectivity. This combination costs owners less than $200.00 to obtain with local telecom providers. Receiving this phone on the contract will cost considerably less at $0.00 to $50.00, depending on the provider selected.