£100,000 Spent on London Stadium

Most countries in the world are blamed for not utilising their sports stadiums, most of the South African sports stadiums used for the 2010 Word Cup needs urgent attention. There is currently no plan announced by the government to spend any money on the sports stadiums.

In London, the tables are turned, and the London Stadium bosses are criticised for spending money on the stadiums, not their own money but that of the Taxpayers. £100,000 was paid by the body that is responsible for running the stadium in London; the money was used to develop a communication strategy for the stadium. The problem is that the stadium already has three senior communications staff, and these are paid over £260,000 in total.

£100,000 Spent Will Avoid Higher Costs in Future

LLDC the London Legacy Development Corporation lost over £20 million in the past year and is now criticised for their way of spending the cash from the taxpayers. The LLDC argues that the £100,000 spent will assist in avoiding higher costs later, plus this was a one-off project.

£4 Million Spent on Legal Costs in Dispute with West Ham United

The detailed LLDC expenditure figures published in mid-2018 showed that the organisation funded by taxpayers showed expensed of contracts over £5,000. The LLDC also had an expense worth £4 million on legal cost during a dispute with West Ham United. This lengthy court case started in December; political director James Roberts was disappointed to learn that the LLDC did not do everything possible to keep all costs to a minimum.

2018 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Campaign £32,000

Instead, the LLDC went the opposite direction and splashed out taxpayers cash on the most expensive PR strategies as well as pointless gasps including award ceremonies and then kicked off at West Ham regarding the costs. There is no arguing from taxpayers against the rule that LLDC urgently need to get their expense in order. The 2018 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park campaign in the summer got the LLDC to spent £32,000 on buying services and media planning, while the London Stadium, it’s security and catering for the last year awards of East Works came to £19,650.

Do the LLDC Operates within their Yearly Budget

The spokesman for the LLDC says that the organisation has many responsibilities and requires specialist services. All the contracts that are more than £5,000 are published and audited, and the LLDC operates well within the agreed budgets available to it. The £100,000 that is spent on an outside contractor to create a communication strategy started when the post of the director of communication was vacant, and it was also during the period when the LLCD faced multiple legal actions.

The once-off project involves development and research that is part of a strategy to avoid expensive court cases and to offer information to inform the retail strategy. E20, the owners of the London Stadium’s are a subsidiary of LLDC and at year-end dated the 31st of March 2018 reported losses to the value of $22.7 million. Sadiq Kahn, the mayor of London, said he would take control of the situation to reduce the losses, that was back in 2017 when the stadium finances were reviewed.

Francois Hougaard Opens Up About Reeva Steenkamp

It took Francois Hougaard many years to finally open up regarding the fallout following the death of Reeva Steenkamp. The SCA increased Oscar Pistorius’s sentence for her murder to 13 years, and after six years the former scrumhalf of the Springbok’s decided to open up.

Francois Hougaard found it challenging to cope with her death and all the media attention he had to deal with during the trial of Reeva’s boyfriend. South Africa n’s wanted a much heavier punishment for Oscar Pistorius who killed Reeva Steenkamp.

Hougaard Agrees to Daily Mail Interview

Hougaard is now part of the Worcester Warriors in the United Kingdom and agreed to an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail. In this interview, he offers details on how he and Reeva dated for a while as well as how extremely shocked he was to learn that Oscar Pistorius shot her dead. The shooting that took place on Valentine’s Day in 2013 led to reports after her death that is all started with an SMS that she received from Hougaard. Many believe that the Paralympian killed Steenkamp out of jealousy.

Difficult Situation to Cope with Death of Reeva Steenkamp

Hougaard speaks up about the fact that everyone believed that he did send her a message and that it was the cause of the jealousy; this was exceptionally tough for him to deal with. Hougaard saw a psychologist for assistance to cope with this situation although the media had his name and Netwerk24 reported on him attending Reeva Steenkamp’s funeral. The same news agency also stated that he and Steenkamp were seeing each other on and on and off basis since October 2012 up to January 2013. TimesLive also said on his attendance at her funeral that took place in Port Elizabeth, even though he never spoke to any journalist.

Lorinda Voges Released Statement at the Time Indicating That it was a Sad Ordeal

Oscar Pistorius first got five years for culpable homicide, and then the Supreme Court increased his sentence to 13 years. The arrogant Pistorius said in an interview in 2016 that he believed that Reeva would not want him to waste his life behind bars. After all the rumours, Pistorius also told ITV that Steenkamp did not receive an SMS from Hougaard on the night he shot her. He claims he thought she was an intruder, although not many believe his story.

Francois Hougaard Signed Contract Until 2021

Hougaard’s contract with Worcester Warriors continues till 2021, and he shocked many die-hard fans when he announced that he is planning to quit his international career. He made this decision due to his eagerness to study an MBA degree. Pistorius is still in jail and his sentence of 15 year was reduced to 13 years due to time served. The convicted murderer is now leading Bible studies in prison, and he will only be eligible for parole in 2023.

Recession Boosts Growth of South Africa’s Illegal Gambling

The gross revenue of gambling for South African casinos during the last year was 3.5%, it is positive when taking into consideration the recession in the country. This is coupled with the insecurity of the gambling market, which further enhances the growth of illegal gambling.

Major Law Changes is Needed to Prevent Illegal Gambling

The Casino Association of South Africa faces significant challenges when it comes to gambling operators causing the problem. It all adds up and with the decline in GGR operators continues to accept players from the country. The fiscal GGR of 3.5% is lower than the rate of inflation which decreased by 1.8%. It was also the very first time, which is hugely surprising that gambling in the legalized sector reduces since 1997.

The Casino Association of South Africa also indicated that it paid $425.16 million or 37% of GGR in levies and taxed to various entities of government during the year. The amount made the government the recipient of the revenue of the group of casino members.

Positive Growth Expected in Gambling

According to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers report the gambling industry in South Africa is expected to grow by more than 5% yearly until 2021 and will by then reach around $2.43 billion. The Casino Association of South Africa hopes that the prediction is correct and that members want to contribute to the aim of making the country better.

Illegal Gambling Continues to Grow

The CEO of CASA, Themba Ngobese shared in a press conference that casinos in the country attract tourism and investment into the country and that the money paid in levies and taxes is utilized to improve everything. This includes healthcare and education as well as housing. The primary concern is the massive growth in illegal gambling; these operators that offer gambling opportunities to South African’s do not pay any taxes or levies.

Illegal Operators are Stealing from the Country

The exponential growth in illegal operations in gambling forces the government to take an even stricter stance on gambling operations as the operators steal from the country. Ngobese also asserted that not nearly enough is done to prevent illegal gambling in the country. The laws are there, but at the moment they are meaningless as firms are not committed to enforcing these laws.

Stricter Laws Regarding Illegal Casinos and Gambling for South Africa

He is fully aware that there will always be individuals that believe that illegal casinos and illegal gambling activities are victimless crimes although it could not be any further from the truth. Legislation chances that will take place are the anti-smoking policies, and with the ban on smoking, the drop in the GGR was as much as 18%. Dog racing is also prohibited and so is any gambling advertising and once the currently flawed gambling regulations are taken seriously, many things could change for the better of the country.

South Africa Just Released Statistics on Inflations Rates Due to Game of Thrones

South African Statistics compiled a price index that tracks essentials since the first ever season of Game of Thrones. The findings include that televisions and win increased by over 35%.

Watch Game of Thrones on Showmax, DSTV, Smartphones or Tablets

In the country, a lot has changed since the HBO started airing the ultra-popular series eight years ago. Like all in all other countries, Game of Thrones has millions of fans. The changes across the past eight years start off with the way the series is watched. When the popular series started not many would have thought or believed that the final season would be watched via tablets, smartphone, Showmax or DSTV.

The first and second episodes of the eight-season of Game of Thrones is now available in South Arica on DSTV. It is broadcasted on MNET’s channel 101 at 10 pm. Game of Thrones is also available on Showmax at around the same time.

Game of Thrones Have hand Estimate of One Billion Viewers

The last season, season seven was watched by around one billion fans. According to South African Statistics, the county got hooked on the phenomenal series and released a brand-new index that tracks price increases due to the essentials. The index tracks price changes form the first episode of Game of Thrones in 2011.

Price Changes in South Africa – Winter is Coming

Since 2011 the average price of television sets has increased by 43.5% and since everyone wanted to purchase a decoder to watch the series. The price of decoders dropped by 19.3%, meaning DSTV and Showmax could earn more via monthly subscriptions. The essentials also include a box of tissues, meant for those who want to shed a tear. The price increase per box is 13.0%. Keeping warm this winter via a new blankets costs 17.3% more than what it did during the first season. Enjoying your favourite show with a glass of wine now cost 36.6% more than back in 2011.

Most South African Fans Feel the Only Way to Survive is to Make Successful Betting Decisions

South African bettors shared that they have quite a long list of Game of Throne questions that need answers. This is important in deciding where to place their money. Well, the first was answered in the first episode of season eight. Jon Snow finally learned the truth regarding his real parents.

The next question will hopefully be answered in the next episode. This time punters want to know how Daenerys will react once she learns that Snow is a Targaryen. The main question on everyone’s mind: Will John Snow pursue his claim to the throne? Then the next question: Would the throne even still exist by the end of season 8? Lastly, would Jon Snow take on his real name? When it comes to betting on the one to sit on the Iron Throne, will Jon and Daenerys have a child together?

Final Team to Qualify for Africa Cup Nations in 2019, Egypt – South Africa

It was quite a nail-biting experience for South African fans, although the final team to enter and qualify the African Cups of Nations in 2019 were no other than Bafana. Once the South African team became the final entrant for the 2019 Cup of Nations in Africa, the stadiums that will host the tournament in Egypt was announced.

The 2019 AFCON Tournament Stadiums

Egypt hosts the AFCON 2019 and once Cameroon got stripped of all hosting rights, which was confirmed in January by the African Football Confederation, announced the six main stadiums. The tournament in 2019 is the first edition in which 24 different teams partake; these will play out across the six stadiums announced by the EFA (Egypt Football Association). Originally eight various sites were proposed for the Africa tournament, although, once the CAF delegation inspected these, only six were selected.

Cairo International Stadium to Host 2019 African Cup of Nations

One of the main stadiums, part of the selected six is the Cairo International Stadium offering a capacity of 75,000 spectators. The Port Said Stadium is also one of the six selected sports arenas; this stadium is infamous for the 70 people that passed away in 2012. This was the worst tragedy in any stadium, and 70 spectators lost their lives during a rally. The game on that day was between Al Ahly and Al Masry, since then the stadium was renovated, and it took until 2018 for the home team to be allowed to return to the stadium.

Al Salam Stadium Replaced by Air Force Stadium

The Al Salam Stadium was selected to be replaced by the Air Force Stadium, which also hosts the Al Ahly matches and it made out part of the original list of eight stadiums. The international kicks off on the 21st of June and due to preparations, the Air Force Stadium was replaced. The other stadiums that are part of those considered for the final and also the semi-finals are yet to be announced by the EFA, and these include the Alexandria Stadium, the Sues Sports Stadium and the Ismailia Stadium.

The six stadiums that were selected by the African Football Confederation includes the Port Said Stadium with a 17,988 capacity, and the Ismailia Stadium has an 18,500 capacity. The Alexandria Stadium has a 22,000 capacity, and the three more massive stadiums include the Suez Sports Stadium with a 27,000 capacity. The second largest according to capacity is the Air Force Stadium welcoming up to 30,000 fans, and 74,100 fans can attend matches at the Cairo International Stadium.

Meanwhile, the nominations for the top 10 new stadiums around the globe has just been announced, and these include the MOL Arena Sosto in Hungary, DVTK Stadium also in Hungary and the Zaozhuang Stadium as well as the Suzhou OSC Stadium in China. Turkey also has a nominated stadium in this category, and it includes the Bursa Buyuksehir Stadium with a 43,331 capacity.

Quality, Variety and Value for Money is all Part of the Stadium Fast Food Promise.

Stadium Fast Foods specialises in freshly prepared meals that offer an authentic stadium experience. Many sports fans prefer the stadium catering menu, featuring chicken, meat or sandwich platters, while special meals include the best burgers and fried chicken.

The Stadium History

Supported by thousands of South African sports enthusiasts the history of Stadium started many years ago in 1930. Where it all started is shortly after the Buzios family decided to immigrate to Sao Paulo in Brazil. The family left the tropical island of Madeira to make Sao Paulo their new home and started by working in street markets also known as feiras.

While working in the street markets, their primary task was to sell traditional family meals, and the public just loved their style of food complimented via a secret recipe. Due to significant success, the Buzios family decided to move and spread their success to Rio de Janeiro, which is where they opened their first family restaurant. Called Taca the restaurant was located just outside the Maracana a famous stadium.

The Tasca stadium recipes and concept was passed down to early settlers who wanted to bring the great taste of the Stadium food to the sports lovers of South Africa. The very first stadium food store was opened in Bloemfontein in 1980 and located within walking distance to the Free State Stadium. Even in South Africa, the Tasca stadium concept was maintained.

Years later the Stadium remains one of the most significant options, and all sports in South Africa love the taste. The stadium became known as the perfect place for excellent value and great food and offered a South African sports ambience and vibe second to none.

Stadium Foods now operates via several store location in Bloemfontein and also opened food stores in several other locations.

Sports Stadium in Bloemfontein

The Free State stadium located in Bloemfontein is now known as the Toyota Stadium due to sponsorship and was also known as the Vodacom Park previously. The stadium is mostly used for rugby although it is also an excellent location for football matches. It offers a seating capacity of 46,000 and hosted several notable games including the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Other important matches that took place at the stadium include the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, 1996 African Cup of Nations and the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

The stadium is located close to the Bloemfontein railway station, which ensures easy access to matches. Currently, it is operated by the Municipality of Mangaung Metropolitan and enjoyed a significant upgrade and renovation in 2008 after it was built in 1995. Tenants at the Toyota Stadium currently includes the Bloemfontein Celtic, Free State Cheetahs and the Cheetahs teams. Upcoming events include the Osreys vs Cheetahs on the 5th of April as well as the Dragons vs Cheetahs on Friday, the 12th of April.

The Thrill of it all World Tour Scheduled in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Sam Smith brings his trill of it all tour to South Africa’s top stadiums from the 13th to the 18th of April 2019. Most of the shows are already sold out and includes the first show hosted at the Dome in Johannesburg. Johannesburg-fans can still get tickets for the concert on the 14th of April, which is Sam Smith’s last at the Dome.

Cape Town fans can enjoy the Thrill of it all concert at the Grand Arena, GrandWest, although the first concert taking place on the 16th of April is sold out. Tickets for the 17th of April 2019 are still available, although the last show in South Africa on the 18th of April is also sold out.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith first released Lay Me Down in 2012, and his second, La La La hit number one in the UK almost instantly in 2013. His debut album was released in 2014, and over 13 million copies were sold around the world. Some of the favourites on this album include Stay with Me, and it also got Smith nominated for no less than six awards. Sam Smith won four awards, and it included the Record of the Year as well as Song of the Year.

At the Brit Awards in 2015, Sam Smith won the awards for Global Success and British Breakthrough. At the Billboard Music Awards in 2015, he won awards as the Top Radio Songs Artist, Top New Artist and Top Male Artist.

Sam Smith Mentioned Twice in Guinness World Records

Gamblers all over the world want to play like Bond, and any 007 fans will instantly recognise the song Writing’s on the Wall that featured in the James Bond 007 Spectre film. The song won Smith the Academy Awards as well as the Golden Globe Awards for Best Original Song.

The Thrill of it All album has sold more than 4 million copies, and during his tour in South Africa, he will be working with BONJ. Known as BONJ, Bongiwe Mpanza has a loud, husky voice. Her voice blends soulful melodies with electronic sounds. The Gospel and soul inspire her music. She has performed alongside many artists including Lady Zamari and Mafikizolo. BONJ signed a contract with the multi-award winner, producer, singer and songwriter TRESOR and will soon be releasing her debut album. Ticket prices differ according to seats and starts from 575 South African rands up to a maximum of 3,295 rands, while special arrangements were made to accommodate disabled fans.

Other big concert events include that of Andrea Bocelli starting on the 18th of April until the 22nd of April 2019, unfortunately, all shows are sold out in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. The next big event to look forward to is that pf Passenger that takes place in November, and tickets for this event goes on sale on the 1st of April 2019.

What Happened to South African Stadiums After 2010 FIFA World Cup

South Africa is a country that is home to some of the most iconic stadiums; the biggest stadium is situated in Johannesburg. The FNB Stadium seats more than 94,700 sports fans. The stadium was built for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and once the world cup ended, the stadium hosted several international acts as well as sporting events.

South African Stadiums Not Used Since 2010 FIFA World Cup

While the FNB Stadium is still in use, several of the other stadiums built especially for the FIFA World Cup has never been used since the tournament ended. The Cape Town Stadium is the sixth largest in seating capacity in South Africa. It is widely known that it has been struggling since the World Cup to find any use.

Durban’s Moses Madhiba Stadium

Moses Madhiba Stadium seats 54,000 visitors and is situated in Durban on the Natal Coast of South Africa; it is one of the sports stadiums that features a unique design. It was a lot more successful as an events venue than most other stadiums. The Moses Madhiba Stadium is used for rugby union, football, concerts and even bungee jumping.

Apart from the stadiums that became famed during the 2010 World Cup, the country also has several other sports stadiums, which includes several that are amongst the largest in the country. Some of the stadiums situated in larger metro areas are used continuously and includes Orlando, Ellis Park and Loftus Versfeld.

Odi Stadium in Mabopane

The Odi Stadium in Mabopane is one of the largest South African stadiums and due to lack of maintenance has fallen into a total disrepair state since 2010. The Odi Stadium has not been used at all since the FIFA World Cup and with its seating capacity of 60,000 is the 3rd largest sports stadium in the country. The fate of this stadium is now in the hands of sports clubs and the community.

In design the Mmabatho Stadium in Mahikeng is similar to the ODI Stadium, it is only a tiny bit smaller and seats around 59,000 visitors. Apart from a few sports events, the Mmabatho Stadium is mostly used for political rallies by the ANC, while the North-West University also uses it as training grounds.

While the FIFA World Cup organisers hoped that South Africa would enjoy great joy from the World Cup Stadiums, most became white elephants since. Monies that should be used for the upkeep of the sports stadiums are misused and lost in corruption. The Moses Mabhida Stadium runs as a loss, and at the same time, it costs the municipalities millions.

During the 2010 tournament, the Durban stadium hosted 92 events, Cape Town only 25 events, while the Royal Bafokeng hosted only 29 events. All the other stadiums including the Free State and Ellis Park Stadium just hosted twelve events. The most expensive stadium of the world cup was the Cape Town stadium, and it is now the stadium that battles the most to find events to host.

Fifth Biggest Stadium in South Africa Shaped Like A Diamond

The Mmabatho Stadium is situated in Mafikeng, South Africa and is also the fifth largest stadium in the country. Judged by its diamond shape it was meant to be one of the jewels of Southern Africa, especially since its seating capacity is 59,000.

Mmabatho Stadium Did It Make The Top Stadium World List?

A lot of planning went into the design. The Mmabatho Stadium should have been one of the tourist attractions in the county, a must-see destination for overseas visitors coming to view wild animals. The big question is could it make the world list of impressive stadiums not long after the fifth stadium was upgraded for the 2010 Football World Cup. It became clear that all focus was on its design, while the designers did not pay much attention to usability.

Many Complaints From Sport Fans

The first complaints were that sports enthusiasts got lost trying to find their seats at the Mmabatho Stadium. They could not see their positions due to the confusing layout, which partly was due to the different stadium layout. The diamond-shaped stadium also consists of unique sections, which makes the design even more complicated. Then most of the article in this large stadium wasn’t even centred on looking towards the game thoroughly. Another significant dissatisfaction of the crowd was that anyone in these sections had to turn their heads to see the game. After paying the price of attending a game, the head-turning was annoying to sports fans and most only visited this stadium once as they never enjoyed their time at the Mmabatho stadium.

Mmabatho Stadium Appears On List of Worlds Strangest Stadiums

While all hope was on the Mmabatho Stadium appearing on the list of the world’s most beautiful sports stadiums, it looked on the Worlds Strangest Stadiums List.

Goldwert described the Mmabatho Stadium as curious and unusual even bizarre and listed it as a hideous monstrosity foisted upon sports fans as a cruel joke. The stadium became known for its unconventional design, unfavoured for its abstract angles and strange geometry. Its seating-layout labelled as odd, with angles that block fans views while it is also far from the pitch. The one thing that became clear was that the designers of the Mmabatho stadium committed a cardinal sin. The rainbow colour scheme combined with angular shapes only added to the circus vibe.

Mmabatho Stadium Situated 300km from Johannesburg in the North-West Province

The Mmabatho Stadium was built as a sports facility with many, and it is not far from the Botswana border. The stadium design should be perfect for concerts as much as football matches. At the end, the 30-year-old Mmabatho Stadium, even after significant upgrades remained silent during the FIFA World Cup in 2010. It is not used very often, one of the only matches played at the Mmabatho in years is the charity match between the Mamelodi Sundowns and Kaizer Chiefs.

Waka Waka Created for South Africa, Biggest FIFA Football Song Ever

South Africa is a rainbow nation that loves football above all, and some of its stadiums are most significant. The most popular stadiums include Soccer City based in Gauteng, Ellis Park used for soccer and rugby, as well as the Cape Town Stadium. Several of the stadiums enjoyed significant upgrades before the country hosted the FIFA Football Championship.

The 2010 World Cup Highlight

The world cup in South Africa was a major success and one of the most memorable moments apart from significant victories was the hip-swinging dance and massive hit song performed by Shakira. The song recorded with the South African group Freshly Ground became the most successful anthem ever of World Cups. Whether the song by Shakira managed to sum up the energy of Africa perfectly or just mesmerised and hypnotised the world is not bright, but it remains the biggest hit of all.

Waka Waka

Waka Waka is about the energy and vibrancy of Africa, and it brought in more than $10 million for the youth initiative called 20 Centres for 2010. Sang by the Colombian singer, Waka Waka – This time for Africa was released in May 2010 and was produced and composed by John Hill and Shakira. It remained on the Australian, Spain, Germany, United States, Italy and Switzerland charts for many weeks and peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 38. The video became a massive hit on YouTube and was watched by over 2.1 billion this year in February. It is hugely favoured by sports superstars such as Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

Official 2010 World Cup Song

In 2010 it was announced that Shakira would perform the Waka Waka at both the final match hosted at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on the 11th of July 2010 as well as the kick-off celebration concert of the FIFA World Cup on the 10th of June. That took place at the Orlando Stadium. On the 28th of April 2010 the song Waka Waka premiered, while it became available via digital download on the 7th of May via the iTunes Store.

Lyrics of Waka Waka Time for Africa Song

The chorus was borrowed from the 1986 song Zangalewa, a significant hit across Africa. The words compare soccer participants to soldiers, and on the battlefield, the song encourages them to be brave, fight and achieve their goals. South African musicians were displeased that Shakira was selected to sing the song. For this reason, Freshly Ground from the country was asked to be part of the opening song of the World Cup. During the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian fans strongly disliked We Are One. Demanding that Waka Waka returned as the official FIFA World Cup song, as many Tweeted VoltaWakaWaka, which means ReturnWakaWaka. Certified sales of the Waka Waka song reached 1.950,000 in the United States, 600,00 in the United Kingdom, 360,000 in Switzerland and 240,000 in Spain.