Currie Cup Fixture Airing Earlier in South Africa

The South African Rugby Association announced they’ve altered when the Currie Cup is being hosted. Postponements aren’t being issued, with hourly changes being evoked. That means tournament matches will continue on January 2nd to 3rd. Timing alterations apply to the kick-off time, which was initially sustained for eight in the evening. Lockdown measures being enforced by the South African Government aren’t allowing for SARA to host the Currie Cup at 8:00pm on January 2nd.

The event will begin almost two hours earlier at 6:30, allowing athletic personnel to leave Toyota Stadium before lockdown curfew protocols go into affect. All residents in South Africa must be located indoors by 9:00pm until January 28th. It follows after politicians were forced into placing lockdown protocols at Level Three. South Africa is battling Covid Variant VUI-2020/21, which is 70% more transmissible than Covid-19.

It’d been questioned for twenty-four hours if athletic personalities employed in professional leagues would become exempted from curfew protocols. Announcements were made by “South Africa’s Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture” that professional venues can move forward under the conditions that nationwide curfews are respect. The South African Rugby Association was forced into altering the start & end times of 2020s Currie Cup after that information became public. Broadcasters showing the SARA Currie Cup confirmed that matches on January 2nd are beginning at 6:30. Broadcasters hosting upcoming matches between the Cheetahs, Sharks, Griquas, Pumas, and Lions include:

  • SuperSport Live.
  • Rugby Channel 201 & 211.
  • SuperSport Action Channel.

Details regarding the scheduling for an upcoming match between the Lions & Bulls at Loftus-Verse Field wasn’t issued. Neither were scheduling details for another matchup between the Sharks & an unknown opponent. The Bulls are competing first on January 6th, with January 9th following suit for the Sharks. Initial schedules list start-times at 7:00pm. It’ll likely be scheduled for an earlier kick-off time of 6:00pm.

Kagiso Rabada Returns to South Africa’s Cricket Team

South African’s that have waited patiently for Kagiso Rabada to return haven’t the need to worry any longer. Announcements were issued that Kagiso Rabada is returning to South Africa’s Cricket Squad, which follows after missing multiple practices & matches. Rabada sustained an unexpected groin injury, forcing coaching personnel to sideline the prominent athlete until medical personnel cleared him for competition. Kagiso couldn’t heal under normal circumstances, with South Africa’s Cricket Team forcing the athlete into isolation until his groin injury had haled. Severe measures were enforced because South Africa is sustaining a prominent outbreak of Covid Strain VUI-2020/21. After healing & testing negative for the virus, medical personnel cleared Rabada for competition.

Kagiso Rabada couldn’t have returned at a better time, with South Africa slated to compete in their New Year’s Eve test series. Prominent athletes once thought not available have returned days before that event is slated to unfold. Kagiso Rabada marks the final piece to the puzzle, with the remaining cricketers competing including:

  • Lungi Ngidi.
  • Anrich Nortje.
  • Wiaan Mulder.
  • Lutho Sipamla.
  • Glenton Stuurnmaan.
  • Dwaine Pretorious.
  • Miguel Pretorious.

Glenton Stuurnmaan & Dwaine Pretorious are expected to become dominating forces for South Africa. It’ll mark the debut performance for Glenton Stuurnmaan, with Dwaine Pretorious holding prominence throughout this organization. He’d been sidelined after sustaining a hamstring injury against England in November 2020. It took almost six weeks for Dwaine to heal & return to contention.

There are concerns regarding Kagiso Rabada, who hasn’t competed in a “Red-Ball Match” since January 2020. Twelve months without sustaining a match in this format could work against Rabada’s favour. Regardless, he’ll look to perform after his last series saw points demerited from South Africa after Kagiso broke regulations. Depending on the performance displayed by Kagiso, he’ll likely be contracted for the upcoming series against Pakistan. No official details have been issued to date.

Cape Town Torpedo SwimRun is Successful in 2020

Sporting venues in South Africa have faced limitations since March 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic enforcing numerous changes to standard operations. The Premier Soccer League & Cricket South Africa terminated multiple events, avoiding outbreaks until nations could better assess defensives against Covid-19. Normalcy is returning in South Africa, with various sporting venues entering operations before January 2021. The latest tournament held was the Torpedo SwimRun at Waterfront Park. Tournament events are held on December 11th to 12th. Finalists that dominate this 1000m-long circuit will enter the competitions next stage, which is held at Battery Park, V&A Waterfront.

The Torpedo SwimRun requires the highest-skilled triathletes worldwide, as the stamina required is immense & will physically drain the strongest of competitors. That’s because the course layouts are split between several circuits, which include four swimming channels & four running pathways. The overall course is sustained alongside canals, trails, and the ocean in Cape Town. Competitors began with Qualifying, which extended towards Quarterfinals & the Semifinals. The final venue is being sustained at Battery Park, V&A Waterfront.

Individuals aren’t commonly aware of what SwimRun sustains, with the sporting venue relatively new compared to other events & institutions. Athletes comprise their talents into a smaller timeframe, competing exclusive in their running shoes & swimming with the same gear. It makes Cape Town’s Torpedo SwimRun a challenging hurdle to overcome, even for the strongest of competitors. Subsequently, thousands worldwide travel to defeat Cape Town’s greatest challenge. Most are beaten during Qualifying.

The 2020 & 2021 Campaign

Sporting fanatics interested in witnessing the remainder of Torpedo SwimRun’s season can catch the next venue on January 31st, 2020. The V&A Waterfront on the Atlantic Seaboard will host finalists from Cape Town’s Torpedo SwimRun. It should be mentioned that popularity for the SwimRun has grown exponentially, with the sporting venue first introduced in January 2017. Seeing international triathletes travel from their countries to South Africa for a three-year-old event is evidence of the Torpedo SwimRun being an exceptional triathlon.

Corporate leaders governing over the “South Africa Torpedo SwimRun Series” have promised that venues will continue per usual in 2021, with vaccination not required from participants. Social distancing is extensive throughout the TSR Series.

Khaya Zondo Replaces Omphile Ramela

The South African Cricketers Association has announced their replacement for Omphile Ramela, Ex-President. Omphile was promoted from his position after displayed exemplary work throughout his tenure, prompting revisement of SACA. It’s been confirmed that Khaya Zondo is becoming SACA President, with cricketing supporters knowing his namesake from previously batting with the Dolphins & Proteas.

Khaya Zondo is aged thirty, providing ample time for the youngest President in SACA History. He was elected to office after voting was held internally & publicly, with Khaya winning both elections. December 4th marked the official date that Zondo became president on an internal level, with public elections more a formality. Details on when Khaya Zondo is helming this role hasn’t been detailed.

SACA is the equivalent of the Players Union for South Africa’s Cricket organization. Approval of Khaya Zondo as President couldn’t be had until an executive committee meeting was held, which contained representatives from domestic teams in South Africa. An overwhelming percentage agreed to Zondo becoming president. Unsurprisingly, when considering that Khaya is related to Raymond Zondo, the Deputy Chief of Justice for SACA.

It’s guaranteed that Khaya Zondo is sustaining the position of SACA President until 2022, where another election will be maintained. That’s average for South Africa Cricket to hold an election every two years. Zondo becomes President after Omphile Ramela became a member of the CSA Interim Board, which holds higher governing power over SACA.

The Plans

Khaya Zondo has experience on the corporate level of cricket, with his SACA Career beginning in 2017. Since learning that he’ll become President of the South Africa Cricket Association, visionary strategies have been suggested by Zondo. He promises that domestic restricting & transformation of SACA is coming to guarantee financial security for South Africa Cricket. Khaya Zondo promises to confront all challenges associated to Covid & it’s likely continued financial fallout. Player’s were also guaranteed monetary relief under Zondo’s leadership.

Ryan Sandes Enters the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race

Worldwide some influential athletes accomplish incredible achievements that once thought not possible. A long-distance runner wants the most formidable challenge possible & look towards Stellenbosch, South Africa for that feet. This jurisdiction hosts the Cape Winelands Max-Race, which sustains a running distance of 75km. It’s internationally considered one of the physically most challenging races worldwide.

South Africa’s Ryan Sandes is representing his homegrown nation, marking the first race undertaken by the long-distance runner in 2020. All events planned for this year were terminated following outbreaks of coronavirus across South Africa. An unfortunate demise for Ryan Sandes resulted from Covid-19 becoming an international pandemic, with the athlete starting preparations for events this year in 2017.

Sandes emphasized disappointment that South Africa’s Namibia Project was cancelled for November 2020. Regained excitement followed after learning that the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race would sustain their scheduling. Runners won’t be required to wear face coverings while competing. Subsequent activities demand physical distancing from registered runners & facemasks to eliminate spreading of Covid-19. When questioned about his excitement for the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race, Ryan Sandes noted lifelong aspirations towards competing in this event.

Goals & Dedication

The Cape Winelands Maxi-Race isn’t the primary focus for this South African long-distance runner. Sandes noted that aspirations have moved towards 2021, with goals of winning the “Ultra Trail Mont Blanc”. Training preparation has begun for Ryan Sandes at Stellenbosch & Franschhoek mountains. Ryan emphasized that competing in the Cape Winelands Maxi-Race is meant to familiarize his body with 75km routes, boosting his respective training & becoming superior at running.

The Cape Winelands Maxi-Race is considered more than a long-distance runner, with competitors being thrown into adventurous landscapes & acquiring a journey that sometimes leads to self-discovery. Infamously, individuals that attend the Maxi-Race never register another time. It shows the versatility & strength required to ascend the mountainside for 75km. Most humans couldn’t ever ascertain that physical accomplishment.

Ernst Middendorp Rehired to Maritzburg United

South Africa’s Maritzburg United made an unexpected announcement on November 29th. The latest coaching director for the football club has been revealed, with Ernst Middendorp taking the role of Head Coach. It’ll mark the fourth instance that Middendorp has coached Maritzburg United. Nobody anticipated this legendary coach to sustain another stint with this football club. That would change when Eric Tinkler was terminated from Maritzburg United, which came after maintaining a horrendous start in 2020s PSL Campaign.

Personnel with Maritzburg United have praised owners for electing Middendorp as Head Coach. Chairman Farook Kadodia spoke on Ernst returning to the organization, with Kadodia evoking confidence that an experience coaching director has returned from Germany. Chairman Farook believes Ernst Middendorp will have the training skillsets required to return Maritzburg United to legend.

An official statement from the team was issued, with Maritzburg United expressing a warm welcome towards their legendary coaching director & thanked him for renewing their formidable relationship. It was mentioned that Ernst Middendorp’s temperament, knowledge of football, and challenging experience in South Africa’s PSL would drive Maritzburg United forward. Sentiments ended by informing team personnel that co-operation is expected & that trust amongst each other is needed to move onwards.

The History

Ernst Middendorp has maintained an extensive history throughout the Premier Soccer League. His relationship with Maritzburg United began in November 2009, with Middendorp previously coaching the Kaizer Chiefs. The timespan that Ernst Middendorp sustained with each employment at Maritzburg United was minimal but influential. He’d rejoin the organization in January 2012, October 2013, and December 2015.

Ernst Middendorp’s most prominent moment was during the 2015/16 PSL Championship. His coaching skillsets would enable the team to avoid losing & acquire the trophy. Unsurprisingly, with being Maritzburg United’s last winning coach, he has been reacquired during a period of fluctuating wins & losses. It’ll be hoped that Ernst Middendorp will provide Maritzburg United with the coaching needed to sustain regular wins again.

Head of African Football Suspended for Five Years

Chief Ahmad, Head of African Football, has been terminated and suspended by FIFA. This follows after a thorough investigation that revealed Chief Ahmad had sustained five years of corruption, using the governing body to maintain monetary compensation of an illegal nature. This isn’t surprising when considering the inherent corruption throughout Africa with international sports. The Madagascar-born Head of African Football has sustained his position of President since March 2017. It was expected he would be elected to the “Confederation of African Football” again for 2021, which isn’t possible any longer following his five-year ban.

FIFA Representatives emphasised that Chief Ahmad has broken his loyalty & duty towards African football by providing favoured individuals with benefits. Clarification was provided by FIFA that Chief Ahmad had mismanaged funds, sending them to illegal offshore bank accounts & that his illegal wealth was reacquired by law enforcement. FIFA also suggests that Chief Ahmad abused his position as CAF President with female personnel. The final illegal action that prompted FIFAs investigation was Ahmad supplying a Umrah pilgrimage with finances, enabling those individuals to travel to Mecca on government funds. Subsequently, a fine listed at $222,000.00 has been given to Ahmad for his actions.

Chief Ahmad has struggled throughout the last month of being CAF President. He’d stepped down several days prior to FIFA making this announcement, allowing the CAF Vice President to take charge until Ahmad cleared negative of Covid-19. Chief Ahmad has sustained the coronavirus for twenty days & after reporting a negative test, will be required to immediately attend the “Court of Arbitration Sports” in Africa.

Additional Accusations

It should be mentioned that in April 2019, accusations towards Chief Ahmad had begun. It’d been accused by Ex-CAF Employee Amy Fahmy that the associations President had committed crimes. Those includes sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and paying bribes to other association directors. Those allegations prompted his arrest in Paris in June 2019. However, he was released less than 24-hours-later without any charges. Punishment has finally come for the man that disrupted an entire association & lowered its reputation amongst African football supporters. Chief Ahmad won’t likely be allowed to work with FIFA again after his five-year suspension is completed.

Springbok’s Siya Kolisi Congratulates Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has received praise from numerous athletes worldwide, which follows after the Formula One driver acquired his 7th championship and 94th Grand Prix victory. It’s a notable accomplishment achieved by one previous driver, Michael Schumacher. Both have created a legacy that’ll sustain generations & that’s been noted by various athletes, including Siya Kolisi from the South African Springboks.

Congratulations were issued to Lewis Hamilton by the Springboks rugby player. Siya Kolisi also praised Hamilton for using his platform to evoke change & prompt awareness regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. Hamilton throughout 2020 has stood behind the BLM Movement, creating numerous enemies in the process. It hasn’t stopped the seven-time champion from demanding the inclusion of more African-Europeans & Americans in Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton is technically the most illustrious & prominent driver to ever compete in Formula One. Michael Schumacher obtained ninety-one victorious throughout his career in F1, with Hamilton having passed that number by three. Depending on Lewis Hamilton being contracted by Mercedes AMG-Petronas in 2021, the amount of Grand Prix victories held by the British superstar will exceed by ten to fifteen. It should be mentioned that Hamilton could leave Formula One after dedicating himself to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Praise to Hamilton from Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi met Lewis Hamilton at the Larus World Sports Awards, Berlin. The two were seen photographer together during the LWS Awards. Siya Kolisi has regularly emphasis that Hamilton is inspiring & makes himself a strong warrior towards defending his people in South Africa. Lewis Hamilton maintains a superior bond with his father since childhood, and that would be the final thing mentioned by Siya Kolisi before ending his remarks. It should be noted that Siya Kolisi is also a champion in professional rugby, having led the South African National Team to numerous victories & international championships.

Silas Nkanunu Dies at 87

October 5th marked an unfortunate announcement for supporters of the South African Rugby League. It was revealed the Silas Nkanunu has died at 87, which is saddening after the influential role he played in modernizing & sustaining Rugby throughout South Africa. Silas Nkanunu was the former SA Rugby President during the late 1990s. His leadership in SA Rugby began in 1992, maintaining an executive role until his promotion to President in 1998. His time leading the South African Rugby League was minimal, sustaining five years until being outbid by Brian van Rooyen.

Silas Nkanunu might’ve not sustained the longest career as SA Rugby President, but his time spent in the position was influential. The South African Springboks saw a prominent part of their history acquired during Nkanunu’s leadership, with Kaya Malotana being the first Black-African to play from the SA Springboks. It’d take decades after the Springboks were established for Black-Africans to begin being employed. Silas Nkanunu being a Black-African, played a substantial factor into Kaya Malotana being contracted. Had SA Rugby elected another Caucasian President, the possibility of Black-Africans being involved in international & domestic Rugby might’ve never been possible.

Most aren’t aware that after leaving the role of SA Rugby President, Silas Nkanunu became the “World Rugby Regulation Commission President” & would play an influential role in international sporting operations. Worldwide, Silas Nkanunu has been hailed a distinguished administrator & ambassador for professional Rugby. Prominent individuals throughout the global Rugby community has expressed their condolences after learning Silas Nkanunu had passed. This included Mark Alexander, SA Rugby’s President in 2020. He’d evoke that Silas Nkanunu was the “Nelson Mandela” of international Rugby.

Praise for Silas Nkanunu

Numerous colleagues, friends, and rivals expressed that Silas Nkanunu maintained exceptional qualities that could be seen in his professional & personal lives. President Mark Alexander mentioned that Silas Nkanunu didn’t have aggression, malice, or ego behind his role in international Rugby. His calming nature made prominent influences on numerous Rugby athletes & corporate colleagues that will be passed down to future generations for decades. Mark Alexander ended his remarks on Silas Nkanunu by evoking nobody will accomplish this formidable legend did between 1990 to 2010.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Announces Career as Promoter

Speculation regarding the second return of Floyd Mayweather Jr has been prominent throughout 2020, with boxing analysts discussing his future. Small percentages had hoped he’d return for another fight when a formidable opponent arose. However, Floyd Mayweather Junior has confirmed that his retirement is final & won’t return into the boxing ring again. That means the last individual that fought Floyd Mayweather Jr was Conor McGregor, a man that believed he’d defeat the boxing legend, who standard at an unmatched 50-0 Record.

That doesn’t mean boxing supporters aren’t going to see Floyd Mayweather Jr active in the boxing scene. It was announced on October 31st by Mayweather that he’ll enter the second stage of his career. Floyd will now train, promote, and mentor younger generations of fighters. It’s a similar approach his father would take & from the mentorship of Mayweather’s father, came the highest-winning boxer in history.

The announcement was made through CNN Mexico, where Mayweather clarified that he’s 100% done with fighting any other boxers. Floyd mentioned that his mentoring & training services would evoke enough finances to sustain himself from now on. Mayweather Jr didn’t discuss the charges related to booking one of his upcoming fighters, which with his promoter services, will be extensive.

Boxing supporters are disappointed to learn that Floyd Mayweather Jr isn’t stepping back inside the ring. That doesn’t mean another exhibition isn’t possible with Mayweather Jr, who noted during his CNN Mexico interview that he’d compete in the Octagon against UFC fighters. This confirms circulating rumours for the last two years that Floyd Mayweather Jr would become an MMA Fighter. It’ll be almost impossible for him to sustain the 50-0 winning streak when joining the UFC.

Potential UFC Fights

Unsurprisingly, Floyd Mayweather Junior is considering a UFC career. That’s where the big fights & large contract payouts are now. Mayweather received more to fight Conor McGregor from the UFC than any other battle in career history. Floyd walked away with $275 Million for defeating Conor McGregor. With the confirmation that Mayweather Jr is considering a UFC career, speculation has begun on possible opponents. Justin Gaethje will likely be an upcoming fight, with a small potential for a 2nd matchup with Conor McGregor.