Head of African Football Suspended for Five Years

Chief Ahmad, Head of African Football, has been terminated and suspended by FIFA. This follows after a thorough investigation that revealed Chief Ahmad had sustained five years of corruption, using the governing body to maintain monetary compensation of an illegal nature. This isn’t surprising when considering the inherent corruption throughout Africa with international sports. The Madagascar-born Head of African Football has sustained his position of President since March 2017. It was expected he would be elected to the “Confederation of African Football” again for 2021, which isn’t possible any longer following his five-year ban.

FIFA Representatives emphasised that Chief Ahmad has broken his loyalty & duty towards African football by providing favoured individuals with benefits. Clarification was provided by FIFA that Chief Ahmad had mismanaged funds, sending them to illegal offshore bank accounts & that his illegal wealth was reacquired by law enforcement. FIFA also suggests that Chief Ahmad abused his position as CAF President with female personnel. The final illegal action that prompted FIFAs investigation was Ahmad supplying a Umrah pilgrimage with finances, enabling those individuals to travel to Mecca on government funds. Subsequently, a fine listed at $222,000.00 has been given to Ahmad for his actions.

Chief Ahmad has struggled throughout the last month of being CAF President. He’d stepped down several days prior to FIFA making this announcement, allowing the CAF Vice President to take charge until Ahmad cleared negative of Covid-19. Chief Ahmad has sustained the coronavirus for twenty days & after reporting a negative test, will be required to immediately attend the “Court of Arbitration Sports” in Africa.

Additional Accusations

It should be mentioned that in April 2019, accusations towards Chief Ahmad had begun. It’d been accused by Ex-CAF Employee Amy Fahmy that the associations President had committed crimes. Those includes sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and paying bribes to other association directors. Those allegations prompted his arrest in Paris in June 2019. However, he was released less than 24-hours-later without any charges. Punishment has finally come for the man that disrupted an entire association & lowered its reputation amongst African football supporters. Chief Ahmad won’t likely be allowed to work with FIFA again after his five-year suspension is completed.

Springbok’s Siya Kolisi Congratulates Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has received praise from numerous athletes worldwide, which follows after the Formula One driver acquired his 7th championship and 94th Grand Prix victory. It’s a notable accomplishment achieved by one previous driver, Michael Schumacher. Both have created a legacy that’ll sustain generations & that’s been noted by various athletes, including Siya Kolisi from the South African Springboks.

Congratulations were issued to Lewis Hamilton by the Springboks rugby player. Siya Kolisi also praised Hamilton for using his platform to evoke change & prompt awareness regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. Hamilton throughout 2020 has stood behind the BLM Movement, creating numerous enemies in the process. It hasn’t stopped the seven-time champion from demanding the inclusion of more African-Europeans & Americans in Formula One.

Lewis Hamilton is technically the most illustrious & prominent driver to ever compete in Formula One. Michael Schumacher obtained ninety-one victorious throughout his career in F1, with Hamilton having passed that number by three. Depending on Lewis Hamilton being contracted by Mercedes AMG-Petronas in 2021, the amount of Grand Prix victories held by the British superstar will exceed by ten to fifteen. It should be mentioned that Hamilton could leave Formula One after dedicating himself to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Praise to Hamilton from Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi met Lewis Hamilton at the Larus World Sports Awards, Berlin. The two were seen photographer together during the LWS Awards. Siya Kolisi has regularly emphasis that Hamilton is inspiring & makes himself a strong warrior towards defending his people in South Africa. Lewis Hamilton maintains a superior bond with his father since childhood, and that would be the final thing mentioned by Siya Kolisi before ending his remarks. It should be noted that Siya Kolisi is also a champion in professional rugby, having led the South African National Team to numerous victories & international championships.

Silas Nkanunu Dies at 87

October 5th marked an unfortunate announcement for supporters of the South African Rugby League. It was revealed the Silas Nkanunu has died at 87, which is saddening after the influential role he played in modernizing & sustaining Rugby throughout South Africa. Silas Nkanunu was the former SA Rugby President during the late 1990s. His leadership in SA Rugby began in 1992, maintaining an executive role until his promotion to President in 1998. His time leading the South African Rugby League was minimal, sustaining five years until being outbid by Brian van Rooyen.

Silas Nkanunu might’ve not sustained the longest career as SA Rugby President, but his time spent in the position was influential. The South African Springboks saw a prominent part of their history acquired during Nkanunu’s leadership, with Kaya Malotana being the first Black-African to play from the SA Springboks. It’d take decades after the Springboks were established for Black-Africans to begin being employed. Silas Nkanunu being a Black-African, played a substantial factor into Kaya Malotana being contracted. Had SA Rugby elected another Caucasian President, the possibility of Black-Africans being involved in international & domestic Rugby might’ve never been possible.

Most aren’t aware that after leaving the role of SA Rugby President, Silas Nkanunu became the “World Rugby Regulation Commission President” & would play an influential role in international sporting operations. Worldwide, Silas Nkanunu has been hailed a distinguished administrator & ambassador for professional Rugby. Prominent individuals throughout the global Rugby community has expressed their condolences after learning Silas Nkanunu had passed. This included Mark Alexander, SA Rugby’s President in 2020. He’d evoke that Silas Nkanunu was the “Nelson Mandela” of international Rugby.

Praise for Silas Nkanunu

Numerous colleagues, friends, and rivals expressed that Silas Nkanunu maintained exceptional qualities that could be seen in his professional & personal lives. President Mark Alexander mentioned that Silas Nkanunu didn’t have aggression, malice, or ego behind his role in international Rugby. His calming nature made prominent influences on numerous Rugby athletes & corporate colleagues that will be passed down to future generations for decades. Mark Alexander ended his remarks on Silas Nkanunu by evoking nobody will accomplish this formidable legend did between 1990 to 2010.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Announces Career as Promoter

Speculation regarding the second return of Floyd Mayweather Jr has been prominent throughout 2020, with boxing analysts discussing his future. Small percentages had hoped he’d return for another fight when a formidable opponent arose. However, Floyd Mayweather Junior has confirmed that his retirement is final & won’t return into the boxing ring again. That means the last individual that fought Floyd Mayweather Jr was Conor McGregor, a man that believed he’d defeat the boxing legend, who standard at an unmatched 50-0 Record.

That doesn’t mean boxing supporters aren’t going to see Floyd Mayweather Jr active in the boxing scene. It was announced on October 31st by Mayweather that he’ll enter the second stage of his career. Floyd will now train, promote, and mentor younger generations of fighters. It’s a similar approach his father would take & from the mentorship of Mayweather’s father, came the highest-winning boxer in history.

The announcement was made through CNN Mexico, where Mayweather clarified that he’s 100% done with fighting any other boxers. Floyd mentioned that his mentoring & training services would evoke enough finances to sustain himself from now on. Mayweather Jr didn’t discuss the charges related to booking one of his upcoming fighters, which with his promoter services, will be extensive.

Boxing supporters are disappointed to learn that Floyd Mayweather Jr isn’t stepping back inside the ring. That doesn’t mean another exhibition isn’t possible with Mayweather Jr, who noted during his CNN Mexico interview that he’d compete in the Octagon against UFC fighters. This confirms circulating rumours for the last two years that Floyd Mayweather Jr would become an MMA Fighter. It’ll be almost impossible for him to sustain the 50-0 winning streak when joining the UFC.

Potential UFC Fights

Unsurprisingly, Floyd Mayweather Junior is considering a UFC career. That’s where the big fights & large contract payouts are now. Mayweather received more to fight Conor McGregor from the UFC than any other battle in career history. Floyd walked away with $275 Million for defeating Conor McGregor. With the confirmation that Mayweather Jr is considering a UFC career, speculation has begun on possible opponents. Justin Gaethje will likely be an upcoming fight, with a small potential for a 2nd matchup with Conor McGregor.

Victor Mpitsang Announced as CSA National Selector

The National Convenor of Selectors has been replaced as of October 21st. It’s been announced by Cricket South Africa that Victor Mpitsang is the latest National Convenor Selector, with his full-time employment commencing on November 2nd of this year. Choosing Victor Mpitsang for NCS will reward Cricket South Africa with an experienced individual. Domestic & international structures of professional cricket have been overseen by Victor Mpitsang, similar to his predecessor of Linda Zondi. He was blindsided & terminated from the position of National Convenor Selector.

Victor Mpitsang is aged forty & has sustained a prolonged career in professional cricket. This career began when scouting for the “Cricket Schools Programme’, locating next generation cricketers aged lower than nineteen. Victor held this position until being offered employment by the Proteas Women’s Team, taking the role of Bowling Consultant.

It’d be years before Victor Mpitsang terminated his employment with the Proteas Women’s Team. Afterwards, he’d take a Selectors position with the “South African Universities Cricket Programme”. While maintaining that role, Victor Mpitsang also became an Assistant Coach for the South African Under-19s Team. That placement was held until being offered a Selectors placement with the Proteas Male Team, where he’d uncover future international superstars. It’s this job that enabled Victor Mpitsang to reach serious consideration for “The National Convenor of Selectors”.

The Director of Cricket South Africa released a formal statement on Victor Mpitsang’s employment. Graeme Smith expressed that Victor is the correct choice, with the position of National Convenor Selector being vital for the CSA. Director Smith clarified that the importance of this role is why the decision-making process took longer than expected. However, it’s allowed all executives at Cricket South Africa to feel safe & secure in their decision.

Victor Reacts

November 2nd marks the date when Victor Mpitsang takes over the role of National Convenor Selector. He released an official statement on his eagerness & honour towards taking this role. Victor clarified that he’s looking forward to seeing what’s possible with this role and that he’s happy to leave retirement for such a prominent role. It’s unknown how long Victor Mpitsang will oversee CSA Selectors.

Cristiano Ronaldo Tests Positive for COVID-19

One of the world’s most influential & prominent athletes has contracted the coronavirus. The announcement that Cristiano Ronaldo has a positive infection of COVID-19 came from Portugal’s Football Federation. However, it’s explicitly stated that Ronaldo doesn’t have any symptoms on the virus & is sustaining an asymptomatic condition. He’ll now commit to fourteen days of self-isolation, being removed from his international duties with Juventus FC.

Juventus FC hasn’t maintained a single case of the coronavirus until Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s suspected that while competing against France, Lisbon, or Spain over the last several days, Cristiano Ronaldo had contracted the COVID-19 pandemic. This could’ve resulted from additional interviews maintained with Ronaldo. However, reports indicate that Ronaldo engaged with social festivities while visiting Paris on October 11th.

The Portuguese Football Federation provided a press release statement regarding Ronaldo’s infection of COVID-19. It was announced that Cristiano Ronaldo was released from Portugal’s National Football Team after testing positive. This means that his presence during an upcoming match with Sweden won’t be sustained.

Portugal FC finalized their press release by clarifying Cristiano Ronaldo is doing good & didn’t infect other club members. All players & team personnel received a PCR COVID Test on October 13th, with everyone receiving a negative result by the morning of October 14th. It was also confirmed that Fernando Santos would replace Cristiano Ronaldo during the upcoming Portugal versus Sweden match.

Infections Before Champions League Restart

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the exclusive footballer to test positive for COVID-19 on Portugal’s National Football Team during the 2020/21 Champions League Campaign. Multiple players on Portugal FC have contracted the coronavirus before the resumption of football. These individuals were lucky to avoid positive infections before seasonal matches began. Players infected before Cristiano Ronaldo on Portugal FC or Juventus before the 2020/21 Campaign include:

  • Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United & Portugal FC.
  • Blaise Matuidi from Inter Miami FC & Juventus FC.
  • Paulo Dybala from Juventus FC & Argentina National Football Team.
  • Daniel Rugani from the Italian National Football Club & Juventus FC.

Cristiano Ronaldo will resume his international contention with Portugal’s National Football Club in 2021 on January 3rd. It’s expected that Ronaldo will return to training by October 28th with Juventus FC. This means Ronaldo won’t return to professional football until November 1st.

South Africa Domestic Cricket Resuming on November 2nd

It’s been several months since supports of domestic cricket in South Africa have witnessed their favourite teams compete. The reasoning being is COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the South African Government to implement mandatory lockdowns on domestic & international sports. However, that’ll change in less than thirty days with the announcement that domestic cricket is resuming on November 2nd.

There’s been one instance of domestic cricket within the last several months, and that was the 3TC Exhibition in July 2020. The male & female division teams weren’t permitted to compete following the coronavirus, with South Africa’s international cricket teams being told they’ll have to wait longer to resume fixtures. Domestic matches will provide the “South African Cricket Association” with comprehensive data on realistic approaches to resumed international institutions. Information will take weeks or months to acquire, meaning the male & female divisions won’t return until likely Summer 2021.

The nation of South Africa remains under their COVID-19 lockdown at the lowest level of one, with five being the highest level & requiring the usage of strict protocols. Entering L1 has permitted domestic sports to reopen their private doors & begin scheduling matches, with the “South African Cricket Association” being the 1st sporting organization to announce their return. It should be noted that supporters aren’t permitted to enter cricket stadiums until a COVID-19 vaccine is released.

The Tournament

By November 2nd, players contracted through domestic South African teams will resume their competition. SACA confirmed that a four-day franchise competition is being implemented and will account for postponed matches seen throughout the pandemic. Whichever outfit dominates over this tournament & stands victorious will be considered the winners for the 2019-20 domestic season. Days later the 2020-21 domestic season, meaning that supporters will have to provide their full dedication to understand what’s happening amid all scheduled matched.

This tournament will have six domestic teams split into three groups, with each group containing two teams. All outfits will compete in several matches before the contest is concluded, with the dominating teams likely to play ten scheduled games before a winner is revealed. Fixtures will be held at stadiums in Newlands, Kingsmead, and Saint George’s Park.

South Africa Lockdown Affecting International Sports

COVID-19 has impacted the standard way of living worldwide, with most nations enforcing a lockdown onto their population. Whenever infection numbers have entered low percentages, these nations have reopened their economies & hoped that a 2nd outbreak wouldn’t occur. The South African government followed suit with this strategy and saw similar implications of increasing positive tests for COVID-19. It’s prompted the SA Government to announce a secondary lockdown, which has implicated everything from religious gatherings to sporting events. Below we’ve provided details regarding how South African sports on a national & international level will be adjusted in-correlation with the updated lockdown measures.

The “SA Level One Lockdown Restrictions” were beginning to ease, with South Africa’s borders reopening for international tourists. October 3rd saw more than 1800 cases of the coronavirus throughout South Africa, meaning a secondary outbreak could quickly be implicated. SA Medical Experts are working diligently to avoid the record high of 13,944 COVID-19 cases in 24 hours.

National & International Sporting Events

International borders throughout South Africa haven’t shut down, prompting South Africa’s Minister of Cooperative Governance & Traditional Affairs to release new directives. These directives focus on the resuming of international sports, which technically was permitted last month with professional cricket. Orders express that cultural activity, professional-level sports team, and art institutions must engage with nations supporting a “Low to Medium” percentage of COVID-19 cases.

Nations under this status will be green listed, with specialized transports provided by SA Military. It ensures that professional athletes can eliminate contacting the coronavirus. Countries with high transmission infections of the COVID-19 virus won’t be permitted for specialized transport or standard travel.

The Implications

Various SA Sporting Associations have formally released criticism towards the South African Government. Risking the lives of professional athletes by having them enter nations with “Low to Medium” infections is concerning. It could prompt an influx of infections back home, which has become a recent concern with the reimplemented lockdown. Standard to the South African Government, the financial gain associated with professionals competing in permitted nations is exponential. Conventionally, SA Government Personnel has ignored these individual’s safety for their economic glory. This was seen with SA Cricket and SA FIFA.

Katlego Mojela Dies During Training

TS Sporting has announced the unfortunate & untimely death of Katlego Mojela, their leading midfielder. The club, which operates under South Africa’s National First Division, reported that Katlego Mojela had collapsed while attending training on September 25th. The midfielder had complained of dizziness before collapsing to the ground, where team medical staff failed to renew the fallen footballer. The official announcement wouldn’t be confirmed until September 26th, 2020.

The TS Sporting Football Club released a formal statement regarding the loss, noting that Katlego Mojela’s passing was untimely & that his dizziness prompted an unexpected collapse. The local coroner’s office is expected to complete a full autopsy on Katlego Mojela’s death, with the remaining team receiving immediate COVID-19 tests. New symptoms of COVID-19 are revealed monthly, with TS Sporting FC not taking any chances.

Statements from TS Sporting continued by providing details on Katlego’s time with the club. The football joined during the 2019/20 National First Division season, where he’d compete in 27 matches & award the club with four goals. Katlego’s short time with TS Sporting was influential, with his presence enabling the club to qualify for the Nedbank Cup.

The team evoked that Katlego Mojela was dedicated towards professional football & went the extra mile to sustain his growth. It’d be revealed that without Katlego, TS Sporting has lost a primary member of their family & then condolences towards the Mojela family was given. TS Sporting evoked that Katlego Mojela is in their thoughts & prayers, with his funeral details not being revealed by the club.

Additional Condolences

The passing of Katlego Mojela has shocked the South African football community, prompting multiple organizations to announce their public condolences to the fallen footballer. This includes the Council of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA). Condolences were provided to the Mojela Family & all other loved ones that knew Katlego.

It should be noted that the Premier Soccer League also expressed sadness towards the untimely & unexpected loss of Katlego Mojela. Details on his funeral haven’t been revealed, with the young footballer likely to have a private concession to honour his life. Public remembrance won’t be permitted following the COVID-19 Pandemic.

SASCOC Suspends Cricket South Africa

Suspension periods have been inflicted onto the Cricket South Africa Board, forcing the CSA to postpone operations until an investigation is completed. The “South African Sports Confederation & Olympic Committee” has forced leading personnel to take a leave of absence for thirty days. The announcement was made official by Ravi Govender, the SASCOC Chief Executive Officer.

It’s hope by Ravi Govender that the one-month suspension will eliminate governance & negativity issues associated with Cricket South Africa. The SASC demands that the CSA become more efficient & effective in their mandated business operations, which subsequently would be making governing the subsequent sports body easier.

Cricket South Africa have faced notable problems since late 2019. Reports were released that proved CSA involvement with unprofessional conduct of governance. It prompted for the CSA Chief Executive Officer, Thabang Monroe, to lose his position with the company. August 2020 marked the month when CEO Thabang would be terminated, which came after a nine-month suspension period.

When questioned on the professional behaviour of CSA Executives, Ravi Govender expressed deep concern towards the highlighted issues from 2019. It was revealed from their initial investigations that toxic behaviour seen throughout Cricket South Africa has occurred for decades. Ravi Govender confirmed that the CSA Board was informed to step aside, and a SASCOC task team will investigate documents over thirty days. Findings will be announced when punishments are determined.

Issues All Around

Issues in the Cricket South Africa Association is well-known, with criticism coming from all levels. Sponsors that support multiple CSA Teams have actively complained about governance issues. Players themselves have made complaints, with a collective of thirty leading male & female cricketers signing an agreement to not attend the “CSA Annual General Meeting”. That happened on September 1st, and the fallout since then has been extensive. When players complained, SASCOC took the severity of this issue to another level.

It should be mentioned that SASCOC’s governance over Cricket South Africa hasn’t been welcomed by everyone. The International Cricket Council hasn’t reacted positively to SASCOC’s involvement, believing their attempts to stabilize the sport isn’t legally valid. The ICC should be given that right.