South Africa to Enter Six Nations Tournament

Supporters of international rugby on the Southern Hemisphere have begun to express their confusion and disarray towards the concept of South Africa joining the Six Nations Tournament. This would force the international rugby outfit to leave the SANZAAR Tourney by 2024, with multiple supporters in South Africa noting that it’d be detrimental for local rugby. Chances that this decision will be altered are minimal, with the Springboks having determined they’ll become the seventh outfit and turn this championship into the “Seven Nations Tournament”. It would see South Africa compete against Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Great Britain. Individuals close to this agreement have expressed that things are falling smoothly into place and that 2024 is in sight.

The SANZAAR Alliance would lose one of their most notable outfits with the confirmation that this agreement is moving forward. It’d mean that Argentina, Australia and New Zealand would be the remaining nations engaging with this international rugby competition. It’d also mean an odd number, which would force SANZAAR to locate another country willing to participate in the Southern Hemisphere. It should be noted that the SANZAAR Alliance was first founded by South Africa, with Australia and New Zealand’s rugby unions following. This decision is considered disrespectful to the individuals that founded SANZAAR in 1995.

The Main Concern is Profits

It’s been rumoured through newspaper outlets for a prolonged period that an alliance between South Africa’s and Europe’s rugby unions would be inevitable. This decision is being made entirely based on money, with the Springboks having greater access to global television audiences with more favourable time zones. Organizations like the All Blacks earn millions yearly in revenue from retail products, with Springbok owners wanting to acquire similar valuations from team gear. Analysts are concerned that this decision could be unsafe for players with the Springboks, as racism towards African Americans in European sporting leagues has grown exponentially over the last two years. Seeming them enter the Six Nations Tournament could see substantial backlash towards the players. Greed isn’t worth violence.

Denying that this agreement isn’t almost finalized is foolish. The Springboks are entering final conversations for broadcasting agreements, which would remain active until 2030. This would immediately guarantee South Africa’s presence into the Six Nations Tournament for three years. Their presence alone means an alteration to this teams’ name; it’ll be hard to avoid any backlash. 

Inclusion of Native Africa in Sports Fuels Anger

The historical alterations occurring in South Africa’s national sports are coming quickly. The demand for more Native Africans to play in their respective league is growing across South Africa. However, for a prolonged period, it’s been celebrated to operate Rugby or Cricket teams that excluded Non-White players. The South African Government has tried to resolve this issue, demanding selection quotes that would require five national Africans to be employed.

The South African Cricket and Rugby National Teams have refused to abide by the new legislation. It’s increasing the level of frustration amongst Non-White sports fans in South Africa, who are demanding changes or will begin to boycott these respective sports. Considering that South Africa is primarily of darker skin tones, these individuals boycotting Rugby and Cricket would prompt substantial losses in profits. Thando Manana, one of the former Rugby Players of African descent, expressed that people won’t accept the racial imbalance anymore.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, a group of radicalized terrorists of African descent, have publicly expressed this growing animosity towards the ignorance displayed by national teams. Considered a political party and movement, the EFF maintains 10.8% of the national voters, which is regarded as the working class. Their actions have been violent and disruptive to the South African economy, with the European Union and the United States deeming them a terrorist cell. It should be noted that the Economic Freedom Fighters began after police killed forty-seven mineworkers for no apparent reason. Retaliation to these deaths has been severe, with multiple attacks against standard political parties being relevant since 2012.

The Racism in South Africa

Throughout the last decade, Non-White citizens in South Africa have opposed a coloured or mixed-race culture. They’ve demanded that an all-black society be proposed, with the white population being attacked regularly. Previous leaders have information the 80% of African-decent citizens in South Africa to murder and steal the land of the white people. It’s prompted significant concerns for the safety of white citizens, which is not extending to famous Caucasian athletes. Deaths could ensure if alterations aren’t made to the Rugby and Cricket national squads. 

Security Required for South African Cricketers

After struggling in their recent test series against the British, the next venue for the South African National Cricket Team is looming. This time they’ll be competing in Pakistan for the first time in thirteen years. Considered a mooted tour, these national teams would compete in preparation of the T20 World Cup. Played in Australia between October and November, they have nine months to hone their talents for the T20 competition. It was confirmed today that the South African’s would have a series of security experts watching over them in Pakistan. Their mission is to provide safety for players and collect data on Pakistan’s stability. Viewers can watch South Africa battle Pakistan on March 18th.

The last team that South Africa travelled to Pakistan for a Test series was 2007, which included five days of singular matchups. Looming threats regarding terrorist activity prompted this cricket team to remove themselves towards any future test series in Pakistan. Attacks like the Sri Lankan 2003 Bus Bombing, which killed eight international players, prompted numerous organizations to stop sporting activities in Pakistan. It should be noted that individual players from South Africa have travelled to the middle-eastern country, playing for the Pakistan Super League. This includes David Miller, David Wiese, Imran Tahir and Colin Ingram.

Beat the British First

The South African International Cricket Team is required to defeat the British before competing against Pakistan. It’s been a challenging process for SA to combat the World Cup Champions, with these two international teams competing at severe levels for victory. Both are nearly tied, and nobody knows who’ll end up victorious by the end of this test series. Notable players like Quinton de Kock, Bjorn Fortuin, Pieter Rabada and Janner Malan have used their skillsets to hold the British at bay. They’ve struggled in the second week of this test series, with leading punters like Kagiso Rabada and Du Plessis causing major weaknesses in SA’s defence.

Following this test series, multiple players have been terminated from this organization before competing with Pakistan. This includes Sisanda Magala, who supplied this team with eleven wickets throughout nine games in the Mzansi Super League. Most sporting analysts believe this decision was made by personal factors, suspecting that both thought this mutual decision was beneficial. There are rumours that New Zealand or Britain could acquire Magala before the T20 Series.

South Africa Defeats Britain in Test Series

The British have fallen on the 3rd day, at least when it applies to their cricket test series against South Africa. Players couldn’t respond against the aggressive nature of South Africa, resulting in the British missing numerous wickets on the offensive and defensive. Regardless, this doesn’t mean that Great Britain’s national cricket team didn’t put up the good fight. Competing in unexpected weather conditions, they acquired 192 points against South Africa. However, in the final minutes of this game, notable players on the opposing side broke through England’s defence and allowed for an additional 12 points to be acquired and allowed South Africa to win at 201. This follows after 100+ years of these two nations competing against each other in test and professional series.

The Perth Grounds is considered one of the most challenging locations for any professional cricketer, with numerous athletes taking substantial injuries throughout this test series. Multiple athletes were forced to return home on both sides, with the British taking more casualties than the South Africans. This played a significant factor in their series loss this month. When it applies to their final matchup this week, Plessis couldn’t pitch the required balls to Dominic Sibley. Most analysts claim that this was done purposely, with Plessis previously being caught gambling on cricket in the past. Subsequently, the coaching staff with England’s national cricket team are completing a thorough investigation to determine if this throw was accidental or purposeful.

There has been growing concerns that illegal gambling has occurred throughout professional cricket. This would follow the same issues that resulted in Football, Basketball and Baseball. Illegal sportsbetting has been growing drastically, with governing associations working avidly on the development of legislation to stop these actions.

South Africa

The South Africans celebrated their successful test series, marking the first instance they’ve won since the early 200s. Individuals competing for the South Africans displayed significant skillsets, showcasing wickets that outpaced the formidable Ben Stokes. Without the pitching capabilities of Rassie Van Der Dussen, the South Africans would’ve been outmatched by Ben Stokes. Kagiso Rabada also displayed incredible talents as a bowler, allowing for Plessis and Kock to perform admirably as the batsman. Going forward, the South Africans will compete on the 4th and 5th days of this test series. Per usual we will provide you regular updates regarding our formidable South African national team

South Africa Versus England Cricket Updates

Health problems have plagued another player with the England national cricket team, prompting Jack Reach to return home on January 16th. This follows after he battled a severe condition of sepsis, which prompted him missing the test series against New Zealand. After healing from the original medical condition, he contracted gastroenteritis and the flu while competing in South Africa. It should be noted that Jack Reach has spent his life suffering from Crohn’s disease and struggled to recover from any illness as a result. This information was confirmed by the England & Wales Cricket Board, who noted that he’d spend a prolonged period healing from these illnesses.

The board continued by expressing that Jack hadn’t been able to reach the required lived of fitness for national cricket. They noted that this period has been unfortunate for Jack, with him spending six weeks in unhealthy conditions. Considering that he isn’t expected to heal for another four weeks, this would mean a two-month period of sickness. Fans didn’t react positively to this announcement, with many expressing their condolences to Jack Reach. He became a cult hero amongst the British for his staunch resistance and competitive nature, which is similar to that of Ben Stokes.

This unexpected retirement of Jack Leach during the South Africa Test Series has prompted Dom Bess to step into the replacement role. He will play his second test match in Cape Town, which follows with an immediate matchup the next day in port Elizabeth. Regardless, Jack Leach is the third individual to leave the test series in the last three weeks. Rory Burns was returned home after damaging his lift knee, with James Anderson following for two broken ribs. Those individuals that haven’t left this region have acquired air born illnesses, including eleven players and several staff members. This has led coaching staff to debate if there’ll be another test series in South Africa going forward into the 2020s.

South Africa Tied with England

Analysts have determined that these air born illnesses have prompted the South African National Team with multiple victories. The third day of this test series was held in Saint George’s Park, where England was defeated twice. This has prompted for the series to be tied at one-to-one, with illnesses forcing for top-rated athletes on England’s national team to be benched. It provides South Africa with a considerable advantage, which hasn’t been earned under the respective talents of players. When the official season begins later this year, the transpiring events will be considerably different.

Anderson Removed from Test Series

The tour with South Africa is continuously become worst for the British. It was revealed this week that James Anderson, a fast bowler for the England National Cricket Team, will be removed from the remaining tour. This comes after the notable athlete received the substantial injury after making a play towards the second inning, where he acquired his 28th Five Wicket Haul. Unfortunately, it prompted a cracked rib for Anderson. The chances of him returning before the official 2020 season haven’t been confirmed by coaching staff. It’ll depend on the intensity of these broken ribs and the healing time involved.

Big Problems Ahead

The loss of James Anderson from a rib injury has concerned fans. Anderson maintains the record for All-Time Wickets with the national team and hasn’t suffered an injury of this stature previously. Concerns are that he will lose a formidable percentage of his talents, which has happened to numerous notable athletes after a severe injury. When James Anderson arrived at the local Cape Town Hospital, it was noted that his left-rib had cracked. The healing period is expected to be eight to twelve weeks, which means that Anderson loses upwards of three months in training.

Coaching staff with England’s National Cricket Team noted that throughout the afternoon period, Anderson began to feel discomfort and couldn’t continue for the third matchup of the day. This was the first time in his history with the team that such an instance occurred, which prompted immediate action from health officials. Going forward, it’s known that Craig Overton will replace Anderson for the eight to twelve weeks he’s benched. It’ll mark the second time during this test series that Craig Overton can compete. Depending on his performance, Overton could see a prominent position during the 2020 season.

Anderson Opens Up

James Anderson expressed his thoughts on the injury, taking to social media. He noted that it’s unfortunate to miss the remainder of this series but will focus on healing. James expressed that his support will be shown from home and that when he returns, he’ll acquire the sixteen wickets needed to reach 600. This would mark him the 4th person historically to achieve this goal. The beginning of their official season starts with Sri Lanka, where James Anderson has previously struggled. The notable athlete expressed that depending on the injury, he might be benched for their first matchup of the series. Regardless of what happens in two-three months, this ageing bowler will most definitely struggle in his first week back.

South Africa Fights Back Against England

Against all the odds, the South Africa National Cricket Team has begun fighting back against the dominant forces of England. This comes after the team experienced numerous problems off the field and on it as well. All the while, England was defeating some of its most vigorous opponents, such as New Zealand. This leads many to believe that South Africa’s engagement with England would prompt an immediately lost. However, this could begin changing after South Africa acquired some of the best players in professional cricket. This includes Boucher, Kallis, and Smith, who have started to shift tides for SACT. Other notable players on the starting lineup include Kagiso Rabada, Quinton Kock, and Vernon Philander.

South Africa recently met with England for a testing matchup, where they had an unexpected victory. This is long overdue for South Africa, who haven’t defeated England since January in 2019. It also was their first victory after five consecutive defeats against India and Sri Lanka. South Africa began showing resilience against the formidable British talent after they went from holding five points to more than one hundred. Their continued sharpness allowed them to defeat England twice, with Graeme Smith and Mark Boucher being noted for their impressive talents on the field.

The question going forward is how the South Africa National Cricket team will take this victory. Will they use it as motivation going towards the official start of the season and begin falling back into previous results. It should be noted that again, in the 2001 and 2010 championships, South Africa proved to have some victories but ultimately collapsed under pressure and couldn’t acquire a tournament.

The National Tennis Team

South Africa’s national cricket team wasn’t the only notable organization that has confidence going forward into their championship event. The national tennis team for South Africa expressed that they’ve got courage walking into the ATP Cup in Australia. This is surprising considering that the players must battle against individuals like Lloyd Harris, Novak Djokovic, and numerous others. However, South Africa has trained extensively for this competition and plans to defeat their first opponent, Novak Djokovic.

These two respective nations have been placed into the 1st group, with additional countries including Chile and France. They will use both squares off around the same time, with the winning teams moving onto a semi-final 1st-day bout. Whoever wins the final matchup in the day moves to the 2nd group. It should be noted that South Africa’s Anderson returns to the national tennis team after a significant knee injury from July 2019.

Weekly Sports News for December 23rd

South African sports media outlets were shocked by two stories that were announced this week. The first regarded Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who confirmed that he’d signed a new six-month contract with AC Milan for Series A. This newly formed contract comes with the option for resigning in 2021. Zlatan is excited to return to his home team, with their mutual respect surpassing a decade. It’s expected that he will change the course of the 2020 Season, working with fellow teammates to ensure championship contention.

The announcement that Zlatan Ibrahimovic would return with AC Milan wasn’t surprising to dedicated fans. Their favourite team has been positioned in 11th place for a prolonged period, with their worst defeat in two decades coming last week against Atalanta. There is a significant chance that Zlatan, with his coaching experience, will provide the necessary assets required to bring this organization position higher in the Series A Rankings. Ibrahimovic makes his re-debut with AC Milan on January 2nd, 2020.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic left Major League Soccer last month when the Los Angeles Galaxy couldn’t reach the final matchup in the MLS Playoffs. He played with them for less than eight months, proving to be a worthy component of their lineup. However, Zlatan requires a championship team, and LA couldn’t give him one. Previous to returning with AC Milan, he had played with the organization for two seasons. He was a pivotal aspect of them acquiring their last Series A Championship. Additional teams that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has played for included Juventus and Inter Milan. Fans won’t see their favourite punter until January 6th, when AC Milan battles it out against Sampdoria.

Paul Pogba Fighting Racism

An additional headline that captured the hearts of South African footballers was that Paul Pogba would begin battling in-league racism. This announcement was made by the Manchester United Midfielder, who cannot idly standby with the growing ignorance of racism in football leagues worldwide. Subsequently, he has begun wearing Black & White Wristbands, showing that the two colours can interact with one another. This wristband reads: We Are One and No to Racism, with them now being on-sale at the Manchester United Stadium. When they battled against France in an international game, Paul was seen handing the wristband out to one of his dedicated young fans.

Paul Pogba has begun his online movement for this cause as well, going to social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. He posted an image to Instagram, where he could be seen with the wristband. It stated in the description that hate could not drive out hate; only love can do that. It’s a direct quote from Martin Luther King, the greatest advocate for the African-American movement in the United States.

The ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2020

The International Cricket Championship Under-19 World Cup for 2020 is nearly underway. Young athletes will take to South Africa to compete in their largest competition, with sixteen nations signed on to compete. It’s the thirteenth time that this tournament is taking place, with the first match for 2020 starting on January 17th. The countdown for this opening day of ICC U19 2020 has begun, with fanatics and dignitaries already discussing potential outcomes at Willow Moore Park.

The start-date announcement was made by multiple individuals associated with the international cricket championship. This included their General Manager, the Chief Executive Doctor, the Tournaments Ambassador, and former professional athletes with the ICC. During this announcement, these individuals provided insight into the new players that are joining the championship this year. Those included Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, and Kane Williamson. These three individuals will now push forward to make significant outcomes in their first professional venue, allowing them to follow the footsteps of ICC legends.

Additional News from the Announcement

The most notable individual that appeared at this announcement was the ICC Ambassador, Ntini. His career is infamous, with more than six hundred wickets for the South African National Cricket Team. Ntini’s career surpassed ten years, an achievement that most stars can’t an accomplishment. The first achievement this championship star received was with the original U19 Squad in 1998. Since retiring, this man has been looking for leadership positions with the International Cricket Championship. Acting as the ambassador is a significant honour, with the added benefit of his son being approved for the competition as well. Thando will fight for New Zealand in the coming weeks.

The 2020 Edition of the ICC Under-19 World Cup is a tradition that’s been proudly maintained for two decades. It’s displayed the leading cricketers that would inevitably become stars for the leagues we watch today. The 2020 edition will see two teams fight against one another for the first time, with those being Nigeria and Japan. In total, fifteen teams look to stop India from winning another championship title after 2018. Those wanting to watch the 2020 ICC U19 World Cup can see the first event in January.

South Africa Terminated from 2023 World Cup

The turn of events that occurred between December 9th and 12th shocked the entire nation. It was revealed that the South African Football Association wouldn’t be contending for the 2023 World Cup. This significant blow threw the whole team out of balance, with their first FIFA Event occurring this year in France. South Africa was also in contention to host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which is why this announced surprised most fans of the female sports league.

SAFA confirmed that South Africa’s Women’s National Football Team would focus their effort on the Cup of Nations. Most sports analysts in the continent of Africa believe this decision was prompted by increased tension with the SA Sports Minister. He was recently founded on committing fraudulent acts during the country’s economic downturn.

Bad Relationships

The Sports Minister of South Africa has publicly expressed his disapproval of SAFA numerous times. It’s caused incredible friction between Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa and the South Africa Football Association. It’s reached the point where this minister, who is meant to defend sports in his nation, has refused to provide his bid for South Africa to host the 2020 FIFA Women’s World Cup. It came as a significantly embarrassing moment for this man, who received his backlash in the most vengeful of ways.

Nathi Mthethwa worked with African Leaders to host the “Africa Cup of Nations.” However, all professional football organizations refused to participate in the conference. They demanded that he be terminated as the sports minister and that football in South Africa is re-evaluated going forward. However, he hasn’t been fired by government officials and has begun to retaliate. It’s rumoured that Mthethwa will terminate funds for the South African Football Association, which would disband all professional organizations in the country. Political and Sports analysts both believe this decision would be the nail in the coffin for Nathi, with government authorities being forced to terminate his high-level employment.

The remaining contenders that can host the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup include New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, and Colombia. It’s expected that the Federation of International Football Associations will make their announcement on the selected host by May 2020. Australia also confirmed that they would be submitting a last-minute redraft for their joint bid with New Zealand. This collective joint bid is anticipated to win, with their capacity to host more than 75 thousand. If this joint bid location is confirmed, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup would be held at ANZ Stadium in the Australian Olympic Park.