Royal Show Most Exciting Events

Royal Show in Pietersburg features three of the National Championships. These include Hampshire Down, Border Leicester and Suffolk, the Royal Show competition, recognized as the most critical event.

Outdoor Expo

Sat, 01 – Sun, 02 Jun 2019 – OutdoorX – Vereeniging – OutdoorX is featuring Global Exhibitions, highly-entertaining activities and Live Entertainment for all ages. Around 50,000 visitors are welcomed, and more than 500 exhibitors attend this show. No entry fees are listed, and the event takes place from 09:00 am up to around 06:00 pm.

Confidence Seminar

Sat, 01 – Sun, 02 Jun 2019 – Breakthrough Experience Conference in Johannesburg – Learn How to be inspired and face your Challenges – Both Training and Educational Value Up to 50 exhibitors and up to 1,000 delegates. Start at 07:00 pm up to 9:30 pm. Any asset continues to give long after the initial investment after the purchase date. Dr John Demartini talks about money-back guarantees and how you can live up to transforming your life. Gain control back over your mind, manage emotions and feel inspired.

Beauty and Fashion Fair

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 – Beauty Trade Fair in Durban – Beauty and cosmetic products at the industry fair. The event features a business platform and network for beauty products, clothing, fashion, handicrafts, gifts and packaging.

Garden Expo

Wed, 05 – Fri, 07 Jun 2019 – Hermanus – Nursery Association Convention – Ensuring positive growth across all levels in the green industry. Categories include environment waste, training and education. Up to 100 delegates, convention starts at 09:00 am and will last till 06:00 pm.

SPAR Wine Show

Thursday 08 June – Tops SPAR Wine Show – Johannesburg, Biggest Try and then Buy Wine event – Paid entry. Tops are considered the largest and most important wine event in the city. It takes place at Monte Casino, the most popular tourist and entertainment destination in Johannesburg. It attracts the most massive audience in Gauteng and remains one of the most successful wine shows apart from Cape Town or as many calls it the Winelands. Around 5,500 visitors are expected, and the number of exhibitors is estimated at 500.

Growth Conference

Business growth exploring during the all-day event. Experienced speakers. Staring at 08:00, this full-day event will end at 06:00 pm. Up to 1,000 delegates will be excepted, and it allows for 50 exhibitors on the day.

Cannabis Expo

Thursday 06 June up to the 9th of June – Durban Cannabis Expo – Starting at 10:00 am this expo will continue until 6:00 pm. It is the perfect trade show and the media is welcomed. The expected number of visitors is estimated at around 18,000, and more than 110 exhibitors have already booked. The event takes place quarterly, and it requires payment of an entry fee.