Inclusion of Native Africa in Sports Fuels Anger

The historical alterations occurring in South Africa’s national sports are coming quickly. The demand for more Native Africans to play in their respective league is growing across South Africa. However, for a prolonged period, it’s been celebrated to operate Rugby or Cricket teams that excluded Non-White players. The South African Government has tried to resolve this issue, demanding selection quotes that would require five national Africans to be employed.

The South African Cricket and Rugby National Teams have refused to abide by the new legislation. It’s increasing the level of frustration amongst Non-White sports fans in South Africa, who are demanding changes or will begin to boycott these respective sports. Considering that South Africa is primarily of darker skin tones, these individuals boycotting Rugby and Cricket would prompt substantial losses in profits. Thando Manana, one of the former Rugby Players of African descent, expressed that people won’t accept the racial imbalance anymore.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, a group of radicalized terrorists of African descent, have publicly expressed this growing animosity towards the ignorance displayed by national teams. Considered a political party and movement, the EFF maintains 10.8% of the national voters, which is regarded as the working class. Their actions have been violent and disruptive to the South African economy, with the European Union and the United States deeming them a terrorist cell. It should be noted that the Economic Freedom Fighters began after police killed forty-seven mineworkers for no apparent reason. Retaliation to these deaths has been severe, with multiple attacks against standard political parties being relevant since 2012.

The Racism in South Africa

Throughout the last decade, Non-White citizens in South Africa have opposed a coloured or mixed-race culture. They’ve demanded that an all-black society be proposed, with the white population being attacked regularly. Previous leaders have information the 80% of African-decent citizens in South Africa to murder and steal the land of the white people. It’s prompted significant concerns for the safety of white citizens, which is not extending to famous Caucasian athletes. Deaths could ensure if alterations aren’t made to the Rugby and Cricket national squads.